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fairtradeSo it’s Week 27, and the half way point is behind me, but there’s no sense of flagging. I’m so grateful to this commitment for giving me a focus, and for warming me from within during these shorter days and colder nights! Two friends have been inspired to bake with bananas as a response to my last two posts, so I thought I’d share the recipe I use…it’s actually called Banana Bread…and the gooier and sweeter and mushier and riper and browner the bananas are, the better!

My ongoing and every increasing thanks to…


the inspiration for these posts.

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Sunday 17th November

Cleaned the house with extra loving attention (especially the bathroom!) as a friend was coming over in the afternoon. It turned out we went out almost straight away for a walk, so he didn’t get to enjoy it (!) but Mum and I did:-) Went over early to feed and put to bed the elderly lady I care for, so her husband to go to a birthday party he’d been invited to.

AND good deed(s) received:

Had a fabulous walk and talk with a friend, along a new route, though not far from where I live, that’s really open and wild, with a fantastic old fashioned type bridge that has a path to allow the sheep to walk under, from one field into the other – very Billy Goat’s Gruff! I felt very heard and appreciated and just having my thoughts gently reflected back to me, during our two hours together, was a great gift of insight and inspiration.

Monday 18th November

I caught up with a lot of personal emails, including three longer ones that needed my full attention – it felt really good to get those done, as all three people are very precious to me – and sometimes, though I think they know it, I do believe it does no harm to remind people:-) Re-blogged a beautiful poem by a friend, and got a copy made of our shed key so that we never need to worry about not being able to get to the coal when we want a fire, only to find the key’s not there!

AND good deed(s) received:

I was gifted several warm emails, including appreciation for work I’d done writing up minutes, and also an enthusiastic yes from a friend who runs a B&B –  I’d written asking if he needed me to come and clean again sometime soon.

Tuesday 19th November

Sent a letter to Freddie, my penfriend on death row in Mississippi. Spent some very thoughtful, conscious time planning my lessons for that afternoon – 3.5 almost consecutive hours of one-on-one English teaching, all very different people and levels! That was a brain stretch:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

One of my students made me a deliciously warming seasonally spiced tea, and Mum cooked dinner, so I was blessed to walk in after a busy afternoon to very welcoming smells coming from the kitchen…

Wednesday 20th November

Started crocheting a Christmas gift (!), did the shopping and laundry, and prepared a fun lesson for the boys I teach. Took some time to chat and catch up with their mothers too, after the lesson.

AND good deed(s) received:

I got some really lovely comments on my blog, about the poem I posted. I was also really touched by the attention and focus of one of the boys, who had just woken up and wasn’t feeling very well (he’d stayed home from school that day) but still tried really hard, and did his best. He also made me laugh because he’s convinced I can understand German and that I’m just pretending not to. (I understand a tiny bit, the odd word, but certainly not full sentences.)

Thursday 21st November

Mum and I rehearsed for our mini Christmas concert at a local centre for people with Alzheimers – which made us realise how much more we need to practice! It was hilarious at times, but we got better:-) I began making another personalised Christmas present for a very dear friend.

AND good deed(s) received:

Mum complimented me on my voice, which I really appreciated, as I was feeling a bit unsure. Received a lovely email, packed with more ideas for homemade Christmas presents, from a dear friend:-) I think inspiration is like love, creativity and compassion – the more you share it the more it grows…limitlessly and exponentially:-)

Friday 22nd November

Sent a sincere email of great encouragement and enthusiasm to a friend who has asked me for support and feedback regarding a book she’s writing, after I’d just read the most recent chapter she’s written. I then spent a very magical, inspiring and moving day with a group pf friends, putting a treasured community garden to bed for the winter and giving thanks to the earth for all the abundance and creativity, though song and a candle lit procession at dusk.

AND good deed(s) received:

Received a lovely and speedy reply from my ‘writer’ friend, saying how glad she was to have me encouraging and motivating her. As part of the garden celebration, I learned a new and beautiful simple song using words by Rumi.

“Let the Beauty we love, be what we do

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground”

I can’t find it on YouTube in the form we sung it, so if anyone knows where it can be listened to do let me know.

Saturday 23rd November

Sent an email to the friend who’d convened the garden gathering, along with a poem about a morning of apple harvesting we’d shared a few weeks ago. Bought a Big Issue from a kind and gentle man, outside our local supermarket, and stopped to chat with and support a friend who was also there, canvassing interest for a local car-share scheme. Bought special biscuits to share with a friend I was going to visit that afternoon.

AND good deed(s) received:

A lovely catch up with a friend, who’d also collected treats for us to share over tea! A very sweet and spontaneous ‘love you’ was spoken and blown as a kiss by a mutual friend who had sat with us briefly over dinner, but had been in intense meetings all day in a group of over 30 people, and needed some quite time alone.

Wishing you all a wonderful week dear friends:-)