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arielcave‘Look at this trove

Treasures untold

How many wonders

can one cavern bedroom hold?’

I tried to rewrite ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ this morning, but it just wouldn’t do what I wanted it to. What I’m dreaming of is a homemade Christmas, that’s more care, time and thought than ready made and bought. I don’t want to say this too loudly, because I know the universe is always listening, but sometimes not having cash to splash around can be the inspiration to dig a little deeper and see what can be done with what we already have…

I’ve already been making Christmas cards, and yesterday Mum was knitting while I set my hands to some simple crochet to make a…well, that would be telling… Point is, as I sat at my tiny desk, in my too full bedroom, waiting for inspiration, I took a look around and…


I sleep and dream, write and type, live and breathe in my very own Art Gallery, one in which the theme is Gratitude, and in which all the artists are people who’ve touched my heart, and it would seems I’ve touched theirs too, for they’ve gifted me with the most extraordinarily beautiful things. So now,why don’t you, in the name of inspiration, take a stroll round my bedroom Gallery. Introducing, in no particular order:

Exhibit 1: A Personalised Cushion

my cushionI don’t know if I’ve told you my family call me Lu, but, well they do. This cute cushion was a collective effort by my nephews and niece, made as a gift a couple of Christmases ago.

petra's paintingExhibit 2: A Painting

This is a painting, made by a very dear friend of mine for my birthday. It literally took my breath away when I first saw it because, well, it’s just so me! Seriously, I don’t know quite how to describe the feeling, but I had tears in my eyes and the thought in my mind was just like, ‘Wow, she really knows me – she really gets me.’

kentas table candle thingExhibit 3 – Origami Tea Light Table Decoration.

candle thing from topThis beautiful, delicate gift was made by a former student. Written on are the names (and qualities) of all the students who studied with me on that course. A warm reminder of a class full of stars.

freddie drawingExhibit 4: Pencil Portrait

This beautiful drawing is the work of an inmate on Mississippi death row; a man I write to. He sent it to me for my birthday this year – and there’s a poem written on the back too. Quite something, isn’t it!

mirrerugExhibit 5: A Rug

This was made by my eldest sister, for my 30th birthday, and lays at the foot of my bed to soften the floor for my feet as I step into each new day.

mum chess boardExhibit 6: A Cross Stitch Chess Board

mum chess board close upThis was actually made for my Grandfather, by my mother when she was a child. When he died, it was given to me, as I too love chess. Isn’t it incredible?! Who makes this kind of stuff anymore?!

colourful moonExhibit 7: A Papier Mache Coloured Moon

This was another unique gift from a former student, which I love. It has a different design on the back, and should be hung from the ceiling so it gently turns…stunning!

ellas collage 2Exhibit 8: A Personalised Collage

A sweet gift from a friend of the family, that hangs at the top of my pin board near my desk as an invitation to always…do something extraordinary.

tamalbumExhibit 9: A 30th Birthday Gift Album of photos, quotes and poems…

tamal2This very special gift was compiled and created by my other sister, for my 30th birthday, and includes messages and poems from dozens of family members and friends, as well as photos from all stages of my life and poems written by my sister, to go with them. This was a show stopper proper, and every now and then I take time to be with it again, for I can feel the thought, love and care that went into it.



So, dear friends, that concludes the November Exhibition, but do come back for the December show. In the meantime, if you, like me, would prefer to give gifts that are more meaning than material, why not take some inspiration from the above.

Now, I must get back to making that…it’s a surprise!