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thick forestimage credit: www.wunderground.com


You’ve waited so long for your mission to start

and though you’ve not seen one, you know in your heart

there’s a forest that’s so ‘getlostinably’ thick

once in you might never get out of it

much less could you say you’d be home for tea

more likely it’s you’d be the tea, d’you see?

‘getlostinable’ forests are places that hide

the monsters and goblins and giants besides

and sure, you might chance on a unicorn too

but less likely, for they’re quite afraid of you

whereas goblins and giants would search and they’d seek

for that thing they can smell that’s so juicy and sweet


fears aside there you stand – and you think you’re so clever

for you’ve now found a forest that goes on forever

that scratches and stings and whispers, ‘turn back’

you have to be brave not to listen to that

and you think you’re the only, the boldest, the first

the chosen one who can’t be touched by its curse

which means you’re surprised when huge footsteps appear

sunk deep in the earth – can you see? – they’re quite clear

then screaming and scrunching and earthquakey stamp

there’s a breath at your neck and you’re sweaty and damp

but your feet are so heavy with fear they won’t move

and you’re chattering terror with each white well brushed tooth

will it crunch you and chew you and have you for tea…?

Of course not you fool, turn around, it’s just me!