A very moving poem written by a dear friend of mine – enjoy, and may you nourish and celebrate the child in you:-)


Some weeks ago I listened to a CD with guided meditations. It was given to me by a friend who works with psychosynthesis and has created them as tools for working with your subconsciousness. One of the meditations was addressing the inner child and possible hidden belief-systems. I chose this meditation as I wanted to find out more about the beliefs that influence my decision making or sometimes even stop me in my tracks. What I experienced during this mediation was quite unexpected and I was deeply impressed by certain aspects of myself coming up in such a clear and powerful way.

But see for yourself what happened:




I saw it standing

shy and lonely

holding her little bunny

on a brightly lit stage


soon after came a nun

fierce and critical

judging the little one

in her budding age


the words of the…

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