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P1030012I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of the whole banana cake – that’s how marvelously moreish it was…even if I do say so myself:-)

So it’s Week 26, and half way through a one year journey of doing and recording daily good deeds (given and received), inspired by my friend Rosie Amber:


who was in turn inspired by the book by Judith O’Reilly (Christmas isn’t far away…sorry to remind you…but this would make a great gift for that person who already has everything…)

For other Good Deeds posts I’ve written, including the original, please check out:


Sunday 10th November

Had a wonderful Skype conversation with a friend whose voice I hadn’t heard for forever!!! Very cool way to start the day:-) Stroked a very sweet dog who wasn’t getting as much attention as the pigeon my very nature sensitive friend had perching on her shoulder, as she’s been hand rearing it since she found it injured in the garden at about two weeks old, after a magpie attack. Oh, and helped said pigeon to fly, well, encouraged and witnessed her first real flight, which involved flying up and perching, as well as flying down. Magic:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

Had a wonderful Skype conversation with a friend whose voice I hadn’t heard for forever!!! Very cool way to start the day – yep, that’s a good deed received too! Bumped into a couple of people I don’t know that well and haven’t seen for over a year, who both made a point of saying and hugging a warm hello, and asking how I was doing.

Monday 11th November

Bought a new copy of a DVD it appeared I may have lost, after borrowing from a friend. Chopped logs into kindling and raked leaves as a conscious good deed to my body. and reminded myself that real firewood warms twice – once when you collect it/chop it and once when it burns:-) Offered to lead November’s meditation, for a monthly meditation group I’m part of.

AND good deed(s) received:

Had one of those spontaneous, early morning conversations with Mum that just dive deep into life, purpose and the search for and source of true happiness – wow!

Tuesday 12th November

Helped Mum to prepare an invoice for the work she’s been doing in the community kitchen. Picked up some great resource books from a local free exchange place, which will help me in preparing lessons for the boys I teach English to. Bought a fabulous new book on kindle, as a result of a recommendation from one of my favourite bloggers:


It’s original, very moving, easy to read and very inspiring, without shying away from life’s difficult stuff. This kid really goes through it. Put it on your Christmas list NOW! (I know, sorry, it’s not even December but I’m getting into the spirit…maybe ‘coz Jack Frost has paid us a very beautiful visit this morning…)


AND good deed(s) received:

Received a lovely text from my sister, thanking me for the card and letter I’d sent her. Received a gift of a sweet leather purse and 17 English pounds from a treasured friend who returned to Germany, and whom I haven’t seen for years, with a message simply that someone had given the purse to her, and she was now passing it on to me! It was delivered by a mutual friend who’s been on a visit to Germany. The money went straight in my Beatha pot!


Wednesday 13th November

Gave warm, sincere hugs of support and appreciation to my former colleagues at at the College I taught for, as they face a difficult time, and I was minuting the annual meeting with their Board. I gave it my full focus and attention and, while taking the minutes, was consciously radiating faith that all the issues present would find graceful resolution.

AND good deed(s) received:

Mum invited me to join her for lunch, which was great as I needed to let me head and heart step fully outside of the meeting I’d just been in, and would return to after the lunch break.

Thursday 14th November

Gave what turned into more of a personal development support session, rather than the ‘English’ lesson it was meant to be, to a student who was having a tough time. She left the room, after the hour, without the headache she’d come in with, and smiling again. Gave a couple of friends a lift home after a meeting we’d been at as a follow up to the Forgiveness conference we were part of last month.


It was wonderful to reflect, and immerse in that inspiring energy again.

AND good deed(s) received:

A lot of appreciation for the ‘English’ lesson, and almost immediate warm and appreciative acknowledgement of the minutes I sent to the Director of the Board whose AGM I’d minuted that morning.

Friday 15th November

I was already on my way home when I got a text from Mum asking me to buy Olive oil, so I turned around and went to the shop. Wrote a long overdue email to a friend.

AND good deed(s) received:

When I got home from a morning teaching, I saw Mum had already brought in a whole load of wood, ready to start a fire – yay! Received a very sweet text from a friend who was about to bake her first ever banana cake (I think I might have started something here!). I received a very warm and speedy reply to my email to a friend. A colleague texted me to say she’d put her daughter down for some care shifts but that, if I needed the work, I had priority – soooo thoughtful!

Saturday 16th November

Made another banana cake from left over fruit, immediately delivering two still warm slices with an appreciative note, to our neighbours who had left a bag of old newspapers outside our front door for starting the fire, as they know we don’t read newspapers. I began making Christmas cards, which I enjoy doing and had written in my diary for this day, as otherwise it never gets done…my diary’s become one of those ‘ great servant, bad master’ issues. Delivered more banana cake, along with a thermos of tea, to my Mum and her business partner…but I have to admit, this was my way of apologising for something said that morning which shouldn’t have been said…but hearing myself say it taught me a lot.

P1030014AND good deed(s) received:

I received easy, generous forgiveness when I asked for it. I got a lovely five minute hug from a young neighbour while I chatted to his grandmother. He just wrapped himself around me (he’s nearly eight and, thankfully, not taller than me yet!) and didn’t let go. A friend texted suggesting a walk tomorrow – I’m so excited, haven’t seen him for ages and we have a lot to catch up on…

Wishing you all a wonderful week dear friends:-)