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Dear friend on this path called life

How are things with you? Breathe in and feel how it is to be you right now. I’m on this planet too; I’ll feel what you feel. My wish, my hope, is that life is good to you, life loves and blesses you, life celebrates you. May it be so.

And I’ve been alive long enough (35 years so far!) to know that it doesn’t always feel that way. Sometimes life feels hard, cruel and unkind. Sometimes I feel anything but blessed. But, beloved friend, that is why I write to you. I write this letter to let you know that you are loved, that you are cherished, that you are blessed. I write to remind you of the miracle and magic of being alive.

Can you remember the first thought you had this morning? Did you expect to find a love letter, written by a stranger, especially for you? No? I didn’t think so:-)

See, I’ve also learned that life is full of surprises, and is anything but predictable. Miracles do happen. Love is what you are, and what you are alive on this earth to receive. So I hug you from afar, bless you under the stars in the sky we both share, we all share, and say…

May love fill your days

May peace bless your nights

and May joy fill your heart

With love from one like you, who walks this path of life, one step at a time.



I’ll find a suitable place to ‘post’ this today; a bench, a book, a tree…

Thanks Hannah Brencher, for the inspiration!