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P1030004So it’s Week 24, and seven days particularly coloured by the blessing of time to connect with treasured friends. I’d forgotten what an essential ingredient this is to a life of happiness and meaning…well, not forgotten exactly, but not added it consciously to my life baking as a weekly dose recently. I feel a couple more doses coming up next week, I have some catching up to do, and look forward to seeing my life continue to rise as it bakes…:-)

May I again appreciate my dear ‘Good Deed friend’, Rosie, the inspiration for all these posts. Do go and see what she’s been up to this week.


For other Good Deeds posts I’ve written, including the original, please check out:


Sunday 27th October

Called my dear friend Beatha in Rwanda, to give her the pick up details for the money I sent. Her two young sons were there so they chatted at me excitedly down the phone, only half of which I could understand, but I got that the eldest was very pleased with himself because he’d come top of his class again, for the term! Spoke to my Dad in Bali and emailed him later to thank him for the lovely conversation, and to confirm I had indeed found the baking tray he mentioned, which he’d left behind when he visited earlier this year. (I haven’t yet used it to bake the scones I mentioned though…oops!)

AND good deed(s) received:

During our conversation Dad shared about a interesting sounding writer he recently met, and gave me his website address.

Monday 28th October

Guided a very well received group discovery games session alone ( we usually do it in pairs) as nobody else was available, but it was a small group, and it was a beautiful experience all round.

AND good deed(s) received:

Received a very warm and understanding email from a friend in response to my email canceling an arrangement we’d had. I received a bill in the post saying our electricity account was significantly in credit, and called them to confirm. They’ve refunded the amount I asked for to my bank account!

Tuesday 29th October

Confirmed with a friend that I’d do another volunteer shift in the community garden on Thursday morning. Cooked a warming soup for Mum and I, and bought yummy fresh bread to go with it. Offered a friend and colleague a free place on my upcoming writing day, as she is keen to learn more about the activities and methods I use, to apply in an English language classroom. Had a long and wonderful Skype chat with a dear friend for a much needed catch up, and went to bed afterwards singing and smiling in a way only she can bring on:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

Was gifted a lot of laughter by one of my students who was really tickled by a poem I brought along for him to read, and we both got a complete fit of the giggles which lasted a good five minutes! Received an email from the friend I’d been skyping with, with a link to a YouTube clip of the song she had sung to me…because there are actions too…and you need a plastic cup – don’t ask, just watch! It’s absolutely brilliant, hilarious…


Wednesday 30th October

Spent some time preparing a Halloween inspired English lesson for the two boys I teach, complete with treats (chocolate covered biscuits in animal shapes; snake, frog etc…) Met up for lunch with a french Headteacher who was visiting the community, and wanted to know more about the methodology we use for teaching English.

AND good deed(s) received:

Received a very well-timed email from the man who runs the workshop space I use for writing groups, telling me the most recent advert I’d submitted to our weekly community magazine had the wrong date in! Thanks to him, it was able to be corrected in time, and I was saved some egg on my face:-) The French woman I met with invited me to come and stay at her house anytime, if I wanted to check out the inner workings of a french state school, or give her some lessons herself.

Thursday 31st October

Turned up ready for a volunteer shift in the garden, despite the cold, wet weather…but my very creative and talented friend had something else in mind…:-) As part of a celebration of a dear friend who will turn 60 in December, a group of us are doing loving, fun things for her during the 60 day lead up. This evening three of us visited her dressed as witches, bearing gifts of mulled wine and chocolate brownies! It was soooooo fun! She got really into it, and there was a whole hilarious discussion about how to drink as an old witch with a long nose…because we were wearing wonderful masks which meant we couldn’t drink without shifting them up a couple of inches because the noses got in the way…honestly, it was sooooo funny…but perhaps you had to be there:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

Was gifted a really fun and inspiring morning, helping my friend bake for another mutual friend who we were going to visit that evening, and also planning and preparing our witch outfits and song! I received an email from a colleague who said there was a problem with the invoice I had submitted for some writing work on a promotional flyer – it wasn’t enough! He insisted they were going to pay me more than twice what I had asked for! The friend we visited as the three witches had already sent a video clip by email when I got home, showing the three of us cackling and cursing! NOT for general release, before you ask:-)

Friday 1st November

As I read my notes for this day, I can still feel the glow, what I share are the mere highlights. Met a friend for coffee and she presented me with an incredible poem she’d written recently. She wanted my feedback and, by the end of reading it through the first time, I had tears in my eyes. English isn’t her first language, so at her request I spent a few minutes talking her through some technical corrections, but the essence of the poem really shone. I’ll ask her if I can share it here. Wrote a book review and bought the sequel for a book recommended by my Good Deed friend Rosie, which I really enjoyed. Check it out…


AND good deed(s) received:

A loan I requested from the local credit union for winter fuel was approved:-) The women there were so warm and friendly, and appreciated me for my patience, as one of them was on her first morning and was being trained. Coffee with my poet friend turned into three hours of very nourishing exchange of friendship and inspiration which fed into an afternoon of planning for a workshop I was holding the next day…

Saturday 2nd November

Held a writing workshop which brought much inspiration, nourishment and joy. One exercise was inspired by the header of my blog, a message in stones I found on a local beach. I cut ‘stones’ out of cardboard, and laid out a yellow crepe paper ‘beach’. First, each person wrote their own six word message on ‘stones’ and laid it on the ‘beach’. Then, the nine of us moved them around and played with them to create poems. Oh, and another exercise was to write a love letter to a stranger…I’ll share my own here tomorrow. This was inspired by the following TED talk, so very touching – less than five minutes long – DO check it out:-)

Oh, and just because I’m just listening to it as I write this, and am singing along, check out this simple super sweet love song from a movie I watched recently…

AND good deed(s) received:

One participant on the workshop brought chocolate back with her to share after lunch:-) The friend I’d invited to participate for free decided to give me a donation anyway, AND bought me lunch:-) There were warm hugs and appreciation all round…it was a magic day, and I drove home feeling full and deeply nourished on every level.

Wishing you all a wonderful week dear friends:-)