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mistakeimage credit: nurturingthenaturalmama.blogspot.com

“Up or down?”

asks the mistake.

“I have a choice?”

(sarcastic voice)

A step appears

and down I go

then in my newly sunken state

I quickly meet my next mistake

“Up or down?”

it duly asks


just like the last

so now I’m getting really pi**ed

and yes, another chance is missed

the next step down

a voice consoles,

“you were so right –

life’s full of holes”

and even being right is wrong

another step and down I’ve gone

before I even heard it ask

“Up or down” –

it’s got so fast!

“Hang on!” I yell

“Please listen. Wait!”

“OK” I hear –

my next mistake!

I’ve seen it now

I’m not too late

“Up or down?”

It asks again

and humbly

gathering all my strength

I say, “Up please.”

and then I see

an angel smiling back at me.

She offers me her wings

and says,

“Now up you go.

I’ll take the stairs.”

mistake2image credit: blogs.edweek.org