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My last post spoke of the infinite potential available to us all, and expressed a desire to keep my ‘backpack of life’ as empty as possible, to allow that sacred potential space to create and grow, and fill me with miracles again as fast as I can give them away.

So I’m about to have three days of ’emptying’. There’s a Benedictine Monastery near here, situated in beautiful old woods, which welcomes anyone who wishes to take some quiet time reconnecting with source. Silence is a great ‘unpacker’, and I pledge to welcome and celebrate whatever life chooses to bring to me within the emptiness.

No rush

no worry

no, ‘have to do’


just breathe

and again

sink deep into you


bless judgement

bless fear

bless anger

bless pain


may I,

with compassion,

greet these friends again


for in greeting

and meeting

they’ll loosen their hold

and other old friends

can enter the fold


bless kindness

bless peace

bless love

and bless joy

I’m here

and I’m listening

life, give me employ


you’ve gifted me richly

now what can I do

to truly and fully

give my life to you


So yes, it’s a renewed sense of purpose I’m looking for, and I don’t know if I’ll find it, but this ‘unpacking’ is my way of opening to it, preparing for it, so that whenever it arrives with the Universe’s perfect timing, I’ll be ready to receive it.

Have a great weekend my friends!

PS I will post a Good Deeds post by Monday lunch time, but it will be late this week.