P1020998A box of magical munchable abundance…in return for a morning’s work. Have I ever been better paid?!

Week 21 and a chaotically creative seven days, with some quiet me time, and lots of laughter and fun, as well as flowing writing – hooray!

May I again appreciate my dear ‘Good Deed friend’, Rosie, the inspiration for all these posts. Do go and see what she’s been up to this week.


For other Good Deeds posts I’ve written, including the original, please check out:


Sunday 6th October

Gave a lift to a woman who was participating in a writing workshop I was holding that day. Promoted my Mum’s Creperie/Juice Bar to the writing group, half of whom went there for lunch, at which point I changed roles and took off my writing teacher hat, threw on an apron…eh voila! Cooked a few crepes, including one for myself:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

Very abundant appreciation for the day’s writing, both verbal and financial…much appreciated folks:-)

Monday 7th October

Made a card for a friend who’d invited me to celebrate her birthday that evening, complete with a celebratory bouquet of sunflowers from my garden.

AND good deed(s) received:

My birthday friend had invited a group of us to ‘play with clay’ at a local pottery, and even arranged for all that we made to be glazed and fired. It was sooooo much fun!

Tuesday 8th October

Spent the morning volunteering in a special community garden, with a dear friend, whose love for, and understanding of, nature is such a joy and inspiration to me. I did some weeding and harvesting and offered my heart and ears fully open for a good listen, as things haven’t been so easy for this garden recently. Gave a sunflower from my own garden, and a thank you poem to another friend who’d deeply affirmed me in her own note to me recently (hers came with chocolate!)

This is what I wrote:

Your note was just

the sweetest thing

I ever did receive

Your kindness

and your deep respect

have helped me to believe

that being free

to be the me

I want to give this world

is something I’m

not scared to do

the petals have unfurled

and now I hope

that tender flower

can tempt a sacred bee

so I can grow

full fearlessly

into my sacred me

AND good deed(s) received:

The DELICIOUS bunch of goodies pictured at the top of this post was my ample reward for a morning’s work, and included the most delectable, juicy, sweet, yummy apples in existence on this earth, nay, in this Universe!!!! You don’t believe me? Come here to Scotland and taste one for yourself and I’ll pull a Crocodile Dundee on you, ‘Call that an apple?! That’s not an apple. (pulls from pocket) THAT’S an apple!!!’

Wednesday 9th October

Called my mother, who’s away for a couple of weeks, to see how she was doing after her long drive down to England the day before to visit my sister. Spent some time going through a copy of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ to find a story on parenting, for the small group of three parents I was teaching English to that afternoon, and planned a thought provoking lesson around it.

AND good deed(s) received:

My colleague in the care team, who I was working with that evening, agreed to write up the shift in our record book and generally finish up, as she could see I was tired and sent me off early.

Thursday 10th October

Did an hour of baby sitting for a dear friend, taking her gorgeous six month old son for a walk. Gave her a book of scrabble words, as she loves the game and I’d seen the book in a local charity shop. Answered a call to a woman looking for a private tutor for her dyslexic teenage son, to help with his reading. I listened sincerely to her story, he’s had a rough time at school, and contacted another friend of mine who specialises in dyslexic support, among other things. She agreed to get in touch with the woman and see if she could help.

AND good deed(s) received:

Received a spontaneous invitation from my friend, the new(ish!) mother, to have a light supper with her, after my walk with her angelic son.

Friday 11th October

Spent at least two hours preparing a really good lesson (even if I do say so myself…) for the two young German boys I teach, and the older sister of one decided to join us too! I bought a copy of First News for them, a newspaper especially for children – it’s fantastic. Comes out once a week.


AND good deed(s) received:

Had a coffee with a friend, a fellow creative who is a great painter and sometime writer, to discuss a potential win win proposal that would help me have more regular time and space to write. I’m soooo excited!

Saturday 12th October

I brought the clean aprons and drying up towels to the Creperie for my Mum’s business partner and a friend who is covering while Mum is away. I was busy with my care job that morning, but said I would come and help in the Creperie on Sunday afternoon. Texted a friend who I’ve been meaning to connect with for ages to make a skype date. Picked up another friend for a long awaited catch up, taking her to the nearest ‘big smoke’, the city of Inverness, to catch a film at the cinema.

AND good deed(s) received:

I went to the Creperie for my lunch and tried to pay for a crepe and a hot chocolate – but they refused my money! On our way back from the cinema my friend invited me to stay for dinner, so I had a free lunch AND a free dinner today…who ever said there was no such thing? šŸ™‚

Wishing you all a wonderful week dear friends:-)