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Before I head off for the last day of what has been an incredible week of exploring the topic of Forgiveness from many different angles, I’ll share this poem. I wrote this about 7 years ago actually, during my first week long silent retreat. Every now and then I re-read it, and thought it deserved a re-post, as I now have more followers:-)



Can you hear me yet?

Can you see me?

Breathe more gently my love

Be quieter still

Be still and soundless…


Feel it?

Soft as the tears now forming in your eyes

That’s how soft you have to be.


When the knife of judgement falls

Be as butter

Let it slice right through

without resistance

And with warmth

melt into wholeness once again


When the fist of anger beats your heart

Be as the down from your favourite pillow

Until you’ve caressed the fist into openness

And it harms you no more


When the fire of jealousy roars

Be gentle as the dew

And nourishing as the warmest summer rain

Until the thirst is quenched to soothe and restore


When the arrow of hatred flies

Be beautiful and formless as a rainbow

Offering no target but the sky


When the gales of duty howl at your back

Be the feather that plays with them

Dancing and diving with the rise and fall

Until your next step delicately catches you


Be softer than the words whispered in a lover’s ear

Softer still than the kiss on a sleeping forehead lest the soul awake

Softer still than the smell of a newborn baby’s skin

For when you’re hard

Life too is harder

And when you’re soft

Life’s softer still


That’s how soft you have to be.

That’s how safe you are with me.