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Though my body appears whole

with nothing and no one

openly seen to feast

on my ability to exist

yet I am food


I allow my cells

and the stars of my soul

to be nourishment

for anger, fear and shame –

but do I feed love’s hunger?


Will I allow myself

to be consumed by love

and in so doing

leave nothing left

to feed the rest?


And I need not fear,

as love’s food,

that I will disappear –

for in being consumed

I but feed who I truly am


And as I am consumed

so will I grow

and in growing

fill the world with ever more


I’ve just written this in response to a deeply moving presentation by a man called Pierre Pradervand, the author of an incredible book called ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’


This morning Pierre spoke about a death row inmate in Texas, with whom he has been corresponding for many years, and whom he recognises as a spiritual teacher. Roger has said, “I would not exchange my 22 years of living on death row for anything in the world”

You can find out more about this remarkable man at http://www.rogermcgowen.org.

His correspondence with Pierre and others has been collected in a book which I have just bought, for reasons I will share more in another post at some future time.



I leave you with a quote from Roger:

“Love is only ever one thought away. Remember to use it often.”