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Regular readers will know that I am currently participating in a week long conference on the topic of Forgiveness. I promised to post a poem a day. I am currently filled with huge feelings, and insufficient words to craft anything all encompassing at this point, so today I share these snippets – in the form of three Tankas. Enjoy:-)


Without hate to hide

the pain, we must mine it

find gifts in the wound

bury the victim story

so hurt cannot define you


Suffering is but

a dark night of the ego

eternal soul safe

for what’s real can’t be threatened

and nothing unreal exists

(Inspired by a talk on The Course of Miracles by Robert Holden , and incorporating the direct quote: “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”– A Course In Miracles)


I see suffering

I can’t take your pain away

but I am with you

my soul flies as my heart pounds

fearless roots cling to the ground