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joystory3A few years ago I created the idea of a Ripple Story as a way of helping the students I teach English to here in Findhorn, to prepare for their return to ‘the real world’, after spending four magical weeks wrapped in a bubble of loving support and creativity. There have been many times in my own life when I’ve just felt too small, too insignificant, too ‘not enough’ – it’s all very well to want to change the world, make it a better place, but really, who am I? I’m nobody, nothing – right? Each time, when I come to this place, I encourage myself to ask, ‘Is that really true?

What I do you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do. The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” MOTHER TERESA

So I ask, what if? What if I smiled at someone and that changed their whole attitude to their day, which then altered the way they spoke to their family later that day, which in turn improved the relationships and dynamics in that family, which lead the mother to write a book about creating positive relationships within the family, which lead to several families all over the world communicating and connecting in new ways etc etc…and all because of a single genuine smile! It’s possible, right?

sweet honey smileWhat if my porridge smiled a sweet honey smile to start my day!

Fact is, we rarely meet all the consequences of our actions, but that doesn’t mean the consequences aren’t happening. And just because we don’t see them, or can’t prove them, that doesn’t prevent us from having an intention to start the ripple effect of our actions with something positive.

We have been sold a dangerous lie, one which begs us believe in some kind of innate powerlessness and smallness. I beg to differ. We are all very powerful, creative, conscious beings with an opportunity in every breath to create the world we’re wishing for.  But opportunities need to be taken, and choices need to be made.

On a practical level the ripple story begins by listening within and discovering and naming the quality you wish to ripple out into the world. That word is then written in the centre of several circles. The first circle out from the centre is where you write a sentence describing the action that could cause this energy to ripple out. This action must be simple, doable and within the realms of your normal every day life. From then on, let your imagination fly. What might happen next, as a result? And what might happen next, as a result of that? And…let your ripple become as huge and far reaching as you dare!

Below is an example which I wrote recently, specifically for my mother as a blessing on her new business venture, a Juice Bar and Creperie she has called ‘La Boheme’. We are just recovering (!!!) from a very busy and successful first weekend opening, and I hope there will be many more. I believe writing is, amongst other things, a very magical tool of manifestation, and putting the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves and our world into words brings that which we write of that one significant step closer…into being.

joystory2I gave my mother flowers, with joy in my heart and a smile on my face.

My mother took that joy and beauty deep into the heart of her being, feeling it sing in every cell of her body.

That joy began to spill out everywhere she went, and its song called to everyone from miles around who wanted to be nourished by this energy, and feel it in their own bodies and souls.

They followed the ‘song’ and found themselves in a queue of like-minded souls, chatting happily, and eagerly awaiting their first taste of the juices and crepes that had been lovingly prepared, and were saturated in this joyful energy.

As the queue began to get shorter, people were coming out of the juice bar and creperie with huge smiles on their faces, and then the laughter began…and it rippled and sang and celebrated, making it a joy even to be in the queue, as people began to ask, ‘What DID they put in that food?!’

And the joy and laughter taken in was shared all around, in the Park, on the beach, and in houses and homes near and far, until it could be seen from high above as a warm, sparkling, golden light, and God and the angels shone their celebration and appreciation on and through this joy, and watched it grow, and grow, and grow…

What quality would you like to ripple out into the world? Think of an action that could kick start it, and imagine it growing, and growing, and growing…