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a whole new world

“A whole new world

A dazzling place I never knew”

Disney’s Aladdin

I bought my first eBook the other night – and I was so ridiculously excited and proud! I can’t believe it’s taken me over a year on WordPress to realise that I don’t need to have a kindle in order to read all these great books I keep reading reviews for! Thanks to my blogging friend Briana http://whenibecameanauthor.wordpress.com/ I discovered there was an app I could download onto my PC…


…and now this magic app has truly opened up a Whole New World! A vast, ever increasing, living, breathing library at my fingertips, and so much talent I can now endorse and support from the comfort of my own bed desk!

So here’s my first review of an eBook by an indie author:-)

a girl named cordhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/A-Girl-Named-Cord-ebook/dp/B00E91QL7W/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1379615804&sr=1-1&keywords=a+girl+named+cord

I read this book in two days flat, and it was just what I needed – an engaging, fast paced, plot driven adventure full of drama, taking me deep into another world and distracting me from this one for a while. The Western genre is well invoked, not only by vivid descriptions, but by the authentic dialogue which I could almost hear as I read it. I quickly grew to care about the central character, and was glad to see a plucky, female lead who showed great courage and love.

The writing is clear and uncomplicated, and in this modern world of turmoil and cynical disbelief in happy endings, I enjoy reading such stories, and seeing things turn out exactly as they should, or would – in an ideal world. I read for different reasons, and for pure entertainment and distraction this book fitted the bill perfectly. It would have benefited from slowing down a bit at times, to give room for a bit more background and character development, as occasionally the action lacked obvious roots. However, I enjoyed the fact that it was delivered in two parts, the second set many years later, which satisfied my impatient wish to know how things turned out in the long run, and gave the whole thing a pleasant, epic feel.  I would happily read more work by this author.

And I’ve already purchased two more books by other authors, so maybe some more reviews soon:-) Happy reading friends!