Peace is not about the silence or the stillness on the outside. Struggling to control the chaos and the noisy vibrancy of the outside world isn’t peaceful.  Peace is about finding the inner stillness within the outer mayhem and radiating that lovingly until the outer world, in great curiosity, starts to slow down and become quiet by choice, in order to experience for itself the bliss it can see on your face. 

When those around you can feel that you are deeply at peace within, their souls will be drawn to sharing that experience with you, for peace is the truth and the reality, and it is always there.  It is simply a matter of choosing to experience it.  Insisting that people who are not expressing peaceful feelings stop their behaviour won’t make them more peaceful, rather they will feel judged and respond with defense.  If you are experiencing another’s dispeace, feel compassion for them and, keeping to your own path of surrendering to the stillness, let them experience, through you, an alternative and then…let them choose. 

Divine peace is powerful and, when truly felt, can not fail to bring lost souls home.  Put some peace out into the world today, radiate the calm and faith that you are within and watch the world slow down and observe.