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I’ve got to teach the present perfect this morning, so I’ve just written this poem to make it more fun – have you ever read anything like it?!?!

“Have you ever seen the grass so green?”

he asked

“Have you ever seen the sky so blue?”

“I couldn’t care less about the sky”

she replied

“But I’ve never met a man like you.”

“I’ve never met a man so kind”

she said

“I’ve never met a man so brave.”

He blushed and he smiled

and he bowed and said

“Too kind, my pretty little maid.”

“Have you ever thought of getting married?”

he asked

“Have you ever thought of having kids?

I hope you don’t think me too fast”

he said

“But I love you, so I’ve bought you this.”

He went on one knee

as he held out the ring

saying, “Marry me my darling,


And she giggled and she gasped

as she whispered, “Yes,

for I’ve never been as happy

as I am with you…”