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The day God came to town was much like any other, except that I woke up knowing something was different, and yet everyone else was just coming and going as normal. So I just waited, and waited, and I kept feeling the difference, but I didn’t know what it was, or why I was feeling this way. And then I saw him.

He was on a swing in the playground the kids use, and they were all laughing at something he’d said. His smile was like nothing I’d ever felt – it seemed to go inside me and move things around, until everything was in its right place again. I said to a friend who was with me, “Shall we go say hello to that man on the swing?”

She looked at the swing, and back at me, and said, “Are you crazy or what? There’s nobody there!”

And yet I saw him there still. Then he looked at me and winked, and although I was sad, it was OK – God had come. I’d seen him. And everything was gonna be just fine.

I wrote this a while ago, as a piece of free writing during a writing class I was leading. I simply asked people to write a five minute piece beginning, ‘The day God came to town…’