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Week 14 my friends, one in which life has gladly left the motorway and taken me down a few picturesque country back roads to…home, inside and out. Take me home, country road, to the place, I belong…Hmm, maybe not, so here’s a quick Tanka instead…

Home is where I feel

empowered to be the me

that holds nothing back

the source of my compassion

loving within and without

May I again appreciate my dear ‘Good Deed friend’, Rosie, the inspiration for all these posts. This feels like a very special and important journey…


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Sunday 18th August

I called our community kitchen, on waking, to make sure a mother and daughter who’d stayed on an extra night after the family week could eat brunch. On my way home from my caring job I pulled into a lay by, so as not to be distracted by whatever would be waiting for me at the end of the journey. and called my father, wishing him luck with a dental appointment the following day. That evening I helped the husband of the lady I care for to prepare supper for the two of them.

AND good deeds received:

Was given a huge, beautiful homegrown cucumber from the lady’s husband, who as usual made a point of welcoming me when I arrived with, ‘Who’s that? Oh, it’s MY ruler!’ Feels like the Good Life (British TV series, from the 70s) sometimes, in more ways than one:-)

Monday 19th August

Added a few more coins to our house savings pig (!) and emailed a colleague who’s taking over the facilitation of the English language course I teach on, with some answers and added info in quick response to her questions.

AND good deed(s) received:

Received a huge donation of gorgeous clothes from a colleague who’d cleared out her (mostly designer!) wardrobe. These will be sold on Sunday to raise money for my friend Beatha, in Rwanda. ‘Show me the money!’ – Don’t you just LOVE Jerry Maguire:-)


Tuesday 20th August

I gave a lift to an Italian friend who I saw waiting for the bus into town. She was on her way to Glasgow and then home. So much coming and going here…but it keeps the heart open. I left a message for the woman whose cleaning job I took over to share some info and say I was going to give the place a final going over, if she wasn’t there already. I spent NO money today…not intentionally, so maybe it doesn’t count, but it felt good when I realised:-) Oh, had the neighbours over for crepes, as Mum was testing out a new machine…

AND good deed(s) received:

A dear friend agreed to send out a mass email promoting my fundraising sale on Sunday – hooray! Received a lovely text message from one of the mothers from the family week, saying how much she’d appreciated it and how she and her daughter were now home, safe and sound.

Wednesday 21st August

Went to meet with a new client (who wants me to mentor her through writing a book), loaded with useful books and magazines, one of which she saw and grabbed with enthusiasm…’I’ve been wanting to read that for AGES!’ She’s writing a memoir, so I’d brought one of my faves that I knew would also be up her street, ‘The Legacy of Luna’


Dropped in to the college where I teach to help my new colleague find a file on the computer, rather than try and explain over the phone. Put more money in the pig, and brought in Mum’s washing from the line. Had a chat with my Dad while he waiting in the airport for the flight that would return him to Bali.

AND good deed(s) received:

Some very warm and enthusiastic feedback from one of the participants in a creative writing session I led last week. I was given the go ahead to borrow a portable clothing rail, complete with hangers, that I saw in the dressing rooms of our Hall…perfect for Sunday’s fundraising sale of beautiful clothes – hooray!

Thursday 22nd August

Emailed a dear friend. Collected some books back from friends, who’d needed textbooks to continue to improve their English, but now we need them for the course again. Spread some blog love:-)

AND good deed(s) received:

I received some appreciative comments myself too – I love this WordPress community:-) Also received a swift and warm reply from the woman who’s taken over the management of our rental property, assuring me that the shed roof will be dealt with!

Friday 23rd August

Gave a lift, in perfect divine timing, to a dear friend and beloved colleague who was on her way to welcome the first arrivals for the month long English course. Oh, I miss working with her AND it feels right for me to move on. I’ll meet them on Monday, as I’m still doing a bit of teaching, but not ‘stage-managing the show’ anymore.

AND good deed(s) received:

The friend I gave a lift to offered up a prayer of thanks for my synchronistically appearing just at the moment she needed a lift (her car is in the garage) “Oh dear God thank you, you’re such a clever sausage,’ then she looked at me, ‘isn’t she?’ Cue – fall into fits of howling laughter:-) I think God probably quite liked being called a clever sausage…

Saturday 24th August

I helped my Mum cook a community meal, as she was the only person on the shift, except…then two people decided to volunteer with us! We had a wonderful time:-) Began making Mum’s Christmas present – she doesn’t read this blog so, please, don’t tell her!

AND good deed(s) received:

I received TWO gorgeous postcards from the seven year old son of a friend who is with her family on a real adventure of a holiday, driving through Europe and taking in seven countries in 10 days! These two cards were from Luxembourg and Germany. Can’t wait for the other five!

Wishing you all a wonderful week dear friends:-)