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‘Humility does not mean you think less of yourself –

it means you think of yourself less.’


I cleared off my pin board a couple of days ago; you know, the one above your desk that has letters and quotes and photos and cards and leaflets pinned up, one on top of the other, until there isn’t a cork space to be seen. Well, in clearing it I re-discovered this gem of a quote. I then remembered (my writing memory is like that) a piece I wrote about being humble, five years ago, after playing dancing catch with a young girl who couldn’t speak a word of English but somehow, when we got in the flow, we jumped and danced and leaped like prima ballerinas, throwing a ball between us spontaneously and never once dropping it in five magical minutes.

So, having remembered that piece of writing, it took me forever to find it – right? Wrong! I went to my bookshelf, knew exactly which notebook this piece was in, turned to the back of the book because I knew that’s where it was, and, less than 15 seconds after remembering that piece of writing, there it was to re-read. I love that, amidst the external chaos that I can’t seem to live without, the things written on my heart as much as on the page can be found in an instant. I remember the feeling when I wrote this…a feeling of surprise, because being humble turned out to be something very different to what I expected…

Oh, and I read something this morning which seems to me to come from a similar inner place – check out this wonderful post…


To Be Humble

To be humble is to know that everything I am, and everything I do comes from the Beloved, and is the Beloved, and that knowing is filled with sacred power and the deepest joy at having been chosen, followed by delight and utter humility, celebration and gratitude that each and ever person I meet has been chosen too. We are all the chosen ones, and the gifts bestowed upon us in each and every moment are enough to make us bow deeply in thanks and awe at the blessings of the Beloved.

To be humble is to smile and giggle at the exuberance and playful creativity of the Beloved, who is always one step ahead of us in bringing to us exactly what we need. To be humble is to be still and silent and surrender to the hugeness of the empty onefulness in which our small part is contained and embraced with the love and tenderness that only the Beloved can offer and inspire. To be humble is to know how amazing and beautiful we are and blink and bow in the presence of our own light.