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Week 13 folks (lucky for some right, which might explain a lot). Hmmm…these seven days in three words; tender, inspiring, stretching. My colleague shared a phrase in German which she roughly translated as ‘crying with one eye, smiling with the other’…which is also a neat summary of this week – so alive with the joys and sufferings of being human, not least the gifts and the challenges of bringing up children as a single parent…and finding ways of being with and integrating such a variety of ways of bringing up the next generation…huge, core stuff, for the world and for our community here in the North of Scotland.

May I again appreciate my dear ‘Good Deed friend’, Rosie, the inspiration for all these posts. This feels like a very special and important journey…


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Sunday 11th August

I baked a birthday cake! Well, more like I threw a few ingredients in a bowl shortly after waking up and before our dance session and then threw those thrown together ingredients into a tin that went in the oven and…out came a rather flat looking dark brown thing! Just before dinner that evening, flat dark brown thing got decorated with cream, raspberries, bananas, icing sugar, cocoa powder and magically turned into quite a good looking birthday cake for a six year old!!!

AND good deeds received:  The birthday boy thanked me with a big smile followed by, ‘but I don’t like raspberries…I like bananas though!’ Another  verdict, ‘Did you cook this? It’s much better than the ones you get in the shops…’

Monday 12th August

Caught up on some rather delayed personal emails and texts, and lent a temporary housemate my toothpaste because she couldn’t find hers in that early-morning pre-coffee blur that is 7.30am on a Monday. Wrote up an Act Of Kindness I’d witnessed for wonderful super positive blog I’ve recently discovered:


AND good deed(s) received: Lots of loving support and competent leadership from the two colleagues who came in to lead a games session for our group that afternoon.

Tuesday 13th August

Drove home on my one morning off to find the money transfer number for my friend in Rwanda who had taken it down wrong (first time in over two years!) and hadn’t been able to pick up the money I’d sent last week. Coaxed an angelic looking boy from the sandpit to join us for dinner while his mother was temporarily unavailable, and stayed with him until she reappeared. I gave a lift to the woman who came to tell us stories that evening, because she’d come in by bus as her car was in the garage and couldn’t get home.

AND good deed(s) received:  8 year old girl, ‘I like what you’ve done with your hair Harula!’ 6 year old boy, ‘Me too!’ Honestly, all these compliments are going to go to my head:-) Too cute!

Wednesday 14th August

I rushed back home on foot when we realised we’d arrived for our river outing without firewood. On arrival at the river I allowed myself to be splashed and dunked in cold river water to the sound of much laughter from the audience (children and adults alike) got the fire going and helped the kids toast their way through three bags of marshmallows! I agreed to continue a temporary cleaning job when the lady I’m replacing got back from holiday wanting another week free to help a friend in need.

AND good deed(s) received:  Received incredibly warm praise from a community mother who had read my poem ‘Everyday Love’, saying she felt really understood and that she’d read it aloud to her husband too. I was really touched. A colleague agreed to replace me on a caring shift I had that evening because I was utterly spent, and needed to recharge.

Thursday 15th August

Apologised when I needed to this morning, as tiredness had gotten to me and my communication wasn’t good. Went on a shopping spree for the evening’s children’s party. Presented a very well-received creative writing session for a long-term guest group, visiting for a minimum of a month.

AND good deed(s) received: I was gracefully offered forgiveness when I apologised. Soooo much appreciation for the creative writing session, there was so much openness to the exercises I offered and such a depth of sharing. Really beautiful.

Friday 16th August

Picked up the kids from the village cafe in my car, as the families had all gone there for lunch, but waited over an hour to get their food and were late for the afternoon session. I went to buy treat food for dinner, because the kitchen crew were planning something I was sure the children wouldn’t like – and it was the last night. I stayed calm(ish!) when the kitchen crew said there was no over space in the ovens for the food I’d bought and went on a hunt for an available oven in nearby accommodation! All was well in the end, and pizza, fish fingers and chips were served!

AND good deed(s) received: During an appreciation sticker session, ‘Harula, did you see what I wrote on the sticker I gave you? It said I love you!’ My heart spontaneously melts and flows out messily all over the newly hoovered floor. One of the kitchen crew kindly agreed to fry the fish fingers for me on an available hob. Abundant enthusiastic enjoyment from the kids, ‘Mmmmmm Really Yummy Yummy Pizza Harula!!! More???’

Saturday 10th August

This morning was a good deed sprint of; hugs and kisses and goodbye waving and running behind departing cars; super speedy drive to train station for family whose taxi had not turned up; fifteen minutes to track down a B&B for overstretched mother who had not booked anywhere to sleep for that extra night; bought yoghurt and dropped it round to the house of a colleague who’d fallen and fractured her knee cap and wrist the night before. (Good Deed to Self) Got home and collapsed in front of an open fire and a TV screen with tea and blueberry muffins whilst indulging in three consecutive episodes of Downton Abbey from DVD box set!!!!

AND good deed(s) received: The sweetest picture three of the girls had drawn together to give us as a goodbye gift. Lots of appreciation from colleagues and families, delivered with hugs and smiles…it was all worth it!!!

Life certainly isn’t boring!

Have a great week dear friends:-)