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This was a creative writing exercise I shared with a group last week. First we made lists, passing a sheet of paper round the circle, of things that made us laugh and things that made us cry. These were read aloud for inspiration, after which everyone was asked to take five minutes to write a poem entitled either ‘The Gift of Tears’ or ‘The Gift of Laughter.’

I decided to join in, instead of just watching, and wrote the two raw and unworked poems below. Enjoy:-) Oh, and if you care to share something that makes you laugh/cry or even a poem on the subject…the comments section is waiting to be fed:-)

The Gift of Laughter

I lose years when I laugh

they fall from me

in happy giggles

raining to the ground

to grow flowers of joy

which colour my every step

and rise like balloons

to fill my skies

with the lightness of freedom


to laugh is to let go

to laugh is to know

that this is just a game

and not to be taken seriously


The Gift of Tears

You remind me I too

am of the elements

and like an ancient rock

the rivers of tears

will smooth my troubles

wear down the rough edges

and make the path

walkable again

as they quench life’s thirst

for truth

and replenish my will

to grow