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Week 12 folks, a.k.a. three months(ish) a.ka. 1/4 through the year a.k.a 25%…hooray! Life seems to be ever fuller. Despite the days beginning to shorten they’re bursting at the seams, and I can’t harvest the raspberries fast enough, though at least the grass appears to have slowed down…and I yearn for the autumn and winter when, curled up by the fire, I can bring life to all these writing ideas which are coming at me like clouds of mosquitoes I have to keep swatting away because I can’t be distracted by them…(let alone give them my very blood!)…yet…

May I again appreciate my dear ‘Good Deed friend’, Rosie, the inspiration for all these posts. This feels like a very special and important journey…


For other Good Deeds posts I’ve written, including the original, please check out:


Sunday 4th August

Sent an email to a colleague to let him know where I’d left the keys to the community youth building, as I hadn’t been able to text/call him because my mobile was still on holiday! Shared more good deeds with readers, and sent out some blog love:-)

AND good deeds received: A warm and understanding email from a friend when I called off a meeting that day as I was feeling too full – we rescheduled for Wednesday.

Monday 5th August

Went to a nearby town to send money to my friend in Rwanda. http://beathaandherboys.wordpress.com/ Made time to go through he prospectus of a local college with a colleague who’s looking at a career change.

AND good deed(s) received: Received my mobile phone back! The family that had taken it with them accidentally had sent it back by post! The colleague I chatted to about college courses called me and said she was going to leave some information about a course I’d shown interest in, which she’s already done and appreciated me for encouraging her.

Tuesday 6th August

Immediately responded to an email from a dear friend in Rwanda with whom I don’t communicate often, but whom I respect and admire greatly. Did some food shopping on my way home from a training day, so Mum wouldn’t have to leave the house on her one day off this week. After dinner I helped Mum put together a questionnaire about a new business venture she and a colleague are developing.

AND good deed(s) received:  The trainers for the day were warm, encouraging and competent…and gave me good marks and a certificate! Mum cooked a delicious dinner for the two of us.

Wednesday 7th August

Had some time to read, like and comment, sending out some blog love. Re-adjusted my schedule for a friend/student who wanted to shift her lesson to the next day. Over dinner, I spoke to a young woman and her family about my experiences working in Africa as she is considering doing some volunteer work in Namibia. I brought a bottle of wine to dinner that my Dad had been kind enough to leave behind at the end of his recent visit…

AND good deed(s) received: The manager of the college I teach English for was very sweet in his appreciation during our meeting about the final course I will teach on for them, saying he was now over the sleepless nights he’d had since I said I was leaving the job:-) A dear friend cooked a most delicious dinner, including fresh courgettes from her garden, as she had invited me to come over and talk to her niece about Africa.

Thursday 8th August

Spent an extra half hour with a friend to whom I teach English, part of which involved her introducing me to the delights of Downton Abbey. (the box set has now been ordered and is on it’s way as I write…)

AND good deed(s) received: I was served a delicious lunch by a friend, with the salad completely fresh from her own garden. Met up with another friend for a drink that evening and she came complete with a bag of books by Paulo Coelho (who I love!), as well as some poetry. Her partner had been gifted them by a client whose house he was helping to clean out…

Friday 9th August

This was a day filled with communication. I called my Dad, and at last managed to speak to Beatha in Rwanda and gave her the details to pick up the money. I sent an email to a dear friend on the other side of the world, who still feels so close when I read what she shares. I also wrote, as promised, the incident report concerning our river trip a week or so ago. Bumped into a friend who’d asked me to do some work for her and took time to hug and apologise, because I’d had to say no.

AND good deed(s) received:  Appreciation from my colleague for writing the incident report, and genuine understanding from the friend who, though she hadn’t found anyone else yet to do the work she needs done, could see why I’d said no. Rosie pointed me in the direction of a very inspiring blog by a young woman also seeking to do good. Why not check it out?


Saturday 10th August

Made a quick card for a dear friend, whose birthday it was before leaving the house to begin another family week.

AND good deed(s) received: I was given a delicious piece of birthday cheesecake when I dropped the card round that evening, not to mention I got to enjoy catching up with my friend’s adorable three month old son, who gave me the brightest of smiles – really, it was JUST for me:-)

Have a great week dear friends:-)