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‘To lighten up my heavy load

give me someone who deserves

to be loved just as I do

give me someone I can serve’


I wanted to share with you a song I wrote – when it all got a bit too much. I use it every now and then to sing myself back to the present. I’m not going to sing it now, just give you the words, but I semi-borrowed the tune from ‘More Than Words’, by extreme…if you want to have a go:-)

I wrote it alone in the laundry, burying my tear drenched face in a tall warm pile of freshly washed towels…they softened me and gave me these words…

I really want to serve you

but I don’t know if I can do that here

all I’ve ever wanted

is to be sure each moment that you’re near

but now I’m

scared that you’re asking too much from me

I’m not strong enough

to be and do all that you want me to

and you know that I love you

so don’t make me

or I’ll disappoint you

what will I do

if I can’t be close to you

living here’s taking me away

that is why I cannot stay

Sweetheart you’re not listening

for I would never ask too much from you

all I’ve ever asked for

I’ve always known deep down that you could do

can’t you see

you don’t have to run to make you free

please believe me

I know you better

than you know yourself

and you know that I love you

so just trust me

as I my dear trust you

how can I know

who I am if you won’t show

so just trust in me this time

let me show you how to shine…

Shine on dear friends:-) Blessings on your day…