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This has been an intense week; rich and wonderful, but also stretching and challenging on all levels, especially on the emotional and spiritual. One of those weeks that invites deep introspection and opens up a fiery inner yearning for answers, for God’s comfort, for the strength and courage to be all those things I know I can be but haven’t yet quite dared to try making real. Yesterday’s poem was part of my process of integration, as I have witnessed this week the kind of raw, pure love that makes me shiver in awe…the love that roars in the face of threat and strokes with the most gentle tender touch when teary eyes meet. I am humble. I am tired. I am full of gratitude and questions. Enough…here’s the week….

May I again appreciate my dear ‘Good Deed friend’, Rosie, the inspiration for all these posts. This feels like a very special and important journey…


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Sunday 28th July

Met early that morning with my colleague to go through the activities of the day, as she was new to these weeks. I summoned up some lively ‘full of beans energy’ to feed into our morning’s sacred circle dance session, despite having a headache.

AND good deeds received: I was appreciated by a colleague for the joy I turned up with this morning. I received the card for the Angel of Forgiveness in the Sanctuary later that day. What would that bring?

Monday 29th July

I created and led some fun games for the children that afternoon, mostly outside on the green which they loved. Spent time discussing the games with my colleague earlier in the day, so she could lead some of them too. I spent time carefully preparing the creative space for our pottery session that evening, which the kids would later say was one of the highlights of their week.

AND good deed(s) received: I received so much joy from watching the kids create everything from pepperoni pizza, to beautiful delicate dragon flies out of the clay…amazing to watch and witness!

Tuesday 30th July

Fed my friend’s cat early in the morning and caught up on some personal emails. Got some white bread for the kids, who didn’t like the meal the kitchen had prepared. I helped our invited ‘storyteller’ to bring her bags of props up to our meeting room, and introduced her to the group.

AND good deed(s) received: The two older girls taught me different, simple ways of making friendship bracelets. I loved watching the kids join in with the stories, calling out and acting out in all the right places (well, mostly:-) with such enthusiasm.

Wednesday 31st July

I collected firewood. kindling and matches for our trip to the river and was the first to dive in and brave the cold water, to encourage others to give it a go. I kept calm and present when an incident happened during the swimming that shook us all, though the outcome was ultimately that everyone was OK, and I helped make tea and watched the kids roast their marshmallows over a small fire.

AND good deed(s) received: The cooks in the community kitchen served fish fingers for the kids, even though it mean going against their principles, for some…and the kids sooooo enjoyed them.

Thursday 1st August

I fed my friend’s cat for the last time, and made sure everything was tidy and in its place, and did a final bit of watering. I approached one of the parents who had been upset by the incident at the river the day before, even though I knew he was angry. I heard him out with as much presence as I was able. I dug deep that afternoon to re-kindle my creativity, which I feared had abandoned me in the tiredness and emotional tension, and ended up creating some party games for the evening which the children really enjoyed.

AND good deed(s) received: I was given space to be upset and stroppy by my colleague, who didn’t push or rush me and left me alone when I asked, so I could dig into my reserves. Received a hug from another colleague who said with her eyes and warmth what couldn’t be said in words. Received soooo much joyful, loving, spontaneous appreciation form the kids during the party…made everything so worth it!

Friday 2nd August

I got up early to collect stones from the beach, bathed in the beautiful early morning sun rise light, which the children were due to paint that morning. At the end of a long week I saw one of the children crying at the dinner table. He was hungry because he didn’t like the food. I took him into the kitchen and we made scrambled egg together, with raw carrots, lettuce and tomatoes on the side. It looked so pretty and colourful:-)

AND good deed(s) received: I received a hug from one of the fathers, with whom I had shared a difficult and emotional conversation only the day before. He appreciated me, saying I had a natural way with the kids. I was deeply touched and relieved. The child I made a special plate of food for gave me a big hug, ‘Thanks for making me scrambled egg ‘arula…’

Saturday 3rd August

Cleaned and cleansed, inside and outside, with as much love and care as my body would allow; the bungalow I’d slept in, the toilets of the Hall where we hold concerts and cultural evens, and the building where we had played with the children, recycling everything that could be recycled in the process. When I got home I hung out Mum’s wash, which was waiting in the washing machine, and called my Dad to thank him for the flash drive and memory card he’d sent me, to go with the camera he’d left for me when he was here, and to generally chat and catch up. Tried to rescue my magnificent sunflowers which were struggling in the high winds, but failed, making a commitment to buy some tall strong canes tomorrow to support them. I’d missed blogging and sent out some blogging love with likes and comments.

AND good deed(s) received: It was a day filled with warm and meaningful hugs; hugs of comfort, hugs of gratitude, hugs of goodbye or see you later, hugs of ‘I see you’re tired and I’m there for you.’ I received an invitation from a friend to be part of a celebratory/goodbye ritual for a colleague who is moving on to other things, still in Scotland, but far away. Life IS change…

Have a great week dear friends:-)