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And I’m into double figures folks…hooray! As I reflect on this week gone by I can’t believe it’s been only seven days. I feel like a month has gone by and I’ve barely had time to notice. Silly summer and the rush and aliveness of this season is taking my breath away a bit so I ask, here and now, that this week slows down a little bit…please!

May I again appreciate my dear ‘Good Deed friend’, Rosie, the inspiration for all these posts. I love sharing this experience with you:-)


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Sunday 21st July

Waited patiently in a long queue filled with families to buy ice-creams for my Dad and I. Took us on a long beach walk in beautiful Scottish sunshine and collected some shells for my neighbour’s grandson, because he loves them! Drove Dad to the shop to collect his papers so he could do the Times Crossword.

AND good deeds received: Was given a book to identify mushrooms, and bought a pub dinner by Dad, in between my evening caring shifts. Was given a spontaneous performance by a dog who was in the sea trying to surf on his owner’s board, which filled me with joy!

Monday 22nd July

I ended up being done with morning meetings earlier than expected so texted my parents to let them know I was available for coffee/lunch earlier. Spotted a dear friend at the cafe, whom I hadn’t seen for a while, and caught up briefly whilst making a date to properly catch up in a couple of weeks.  Helped Dad plan his route for the next day, and photocopied part of the map to make it easier.

AND good deed(s) received:

Dad insisted on cooking, even though it was his last night here, and made us both a delicious meal of omelet and Greek salad. He also helped me download a new program for organising and editing my photos, as the one I had been using was playing up on me.

Tuesday 23rd July

I went without a shower to make sure I had time to say a proper goodbye to Dad before I left for work. Waved him off until I couldn’t see the car anymore. Sent texts through the day as he told me of his progress…it’s a long drive! Spent time going through the next week in detail with my colleague, who would be holding a children’s week with me for the first time.

AND good deed(s) received: Was served a delicious coffee with chocolate on the side by a Brazilian friend to whom I give English lessons. She also lent me a great DVD.

Wednesday 24th July

I had made a promise to visit my neighbour’s grandson, and take him for a walk so I went, even though I was tired and feeling over busy, but…he wasn’t there! Decided to go for a walk anyway and ended up having a swim in the river so it all turned out to be a very good deed to myself – oops, does that count?! My colleague didn’t show up for our caring shift that night so I took care of the elderly lady we are responsible for alone, without asking her husband to help, as he does so much already.

AND good deed(s) received: Was so warmly appreciated by the husband of the woman I help care for. My neighbour didn’t mind that I’d woken him from an afternoon nap when I popped round, and even offered me a cup of tea!

Thursday 25th July

Although my English class ran over by about 30 minutes, I didn’t charge my student extra because, again, it was such a gift to me too, because we always talk about such interesting subjects. I cooked a meal for Mum and I, even though I arrived home tired from a cleaning job that afternoon. I then realised there were three important emails I was feeling guilty about not writing, so, in bed already, I wrote all three to clear my conscience and invite sweet dreams!

AND good deed(s) received: I was treated to lunch by a friend who wants me to do some PA work for her. I already received the keys to the room we will be using for the children who arrive on Saturday so I would have plenty of time to prepare it.

Friday 26th July

While I was cleaning someone stopped to make a point of say, ‘You’re doing a great job, thank you!’

AND good deed(s) received: Mum baked a cake for a colleague’s birthday, happening tomorrow, so I didn’t have to, as I was tired and still had to pack and prepare for another week away.

Saturday 27th July

I packed my car boot full to the brim with creative, crafty stuff to share with the kids. Watered all my houseplants before leaving. Fed a friend’s cat, and brought in washing she’d left on the line, as she’s away for a few days.

AND good deed(s) received: The children who we had only just met, where such a joy to be with and play with! One girl said, ‘I’m so glad my Mummy brought me here’ and one of the young boys, climbed into my lap and hugged me within an hour of meeting me! They also complimented on my tennis and volleyball, and praised the raspberries we ate straight form the bushes as we walked round the community, saying, ‘These are much better than the ones we get from Tesco!’

Have a great week dear friends:-)