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On a recommendation from a fellow wordpresser I watched this TED talk yesterday, of a young American spoken word poet, Sarah Kay, and it brought me to spontaneous tears – twice!


Honestly, this woman is AMAZING and she is everything I would like me and my poetry to be; inspiring, fun, moving, insightful, confident…but I’m me, and my poetry is what it is…and so this is what I wrote after watching. I felt so inspired, I had to have a go myself. This works best if you can read it out loud, but anyway – enjoy:-)

How much of what’s ‘me’ am I being?

How much of ‘me’ is there to be?

I guess we’ll just have to see

As life continues to throw at me

What it thinks I can catch

And when I drop a gift


It breaks into a half billion pieces

And grows into beauty

I didn’t know existed

Until I broke open and searched

For that glue

Of love and creativity

To stick me back together again

But that me was no longer

The me that got broke

But a new me

Freshly melted and reborn

Into my next me version

So how many of mes will there be?

I guess it depends

How many times I’m willing

To be broken

And as I stick myself together

With spirit’s love glue

So too

Do the pieces of me

Become a lesser part

Of what’s created

And perhaps

By the end

It’ll all be

Love glue

With the pieces of me

Infinitesimally small

Once I’ve grown into being

Just one part of the All


And I know deep inside

Where the miracles grow

That place where

Me you and the ALL hang out,


There’s a smile and a laugh

On that bright divine face

That created all life

From the dark depths of space

Where no questions or answers

Or thinking exist

Just the breath of the truth that

‘it is what it is’

But I know I can’t hide

In our ‘home’ for too long

I’m kicked out and thrown into

Light/dark, right/wrong

And it hurts and I cry

And I’m angry

For I long to escape

But I have to be me

However long that may take