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Here’s week nine folks – nearly into double figures:-)

May I again appreciate my dear ‘Good Deed friend’, Rosie, the inspiration for all these posts. I love sharing this experience with you:-)


For other Good Deeds posts I’ve written, including the original, please check out:


Sunday 14th July

I began this day joyfully accepting a Sunshine Award, which included recommending the blogs of ten other people here on WordPress. I made time in a busy day to spend an hour with an old friend who had turned up out of the blue to visit the community for a week. Followed this with an hour spent encouraging and supporting a colleague who had asked me to meet him again, prior to leading a games session together the following day. Wrote an email to a friend whom I’d promised to check in with over the weekend.

AND good deeds received: I got to hold my friend’s darling baby boy for a while, and it felt like he was so contented sitting on my lap…I didn’t want to give him up!

Monday 15th July

Despite desperately wanting a lie in I woke myself early and coaxed myself into play mode, arriving early for our breakfast meeting and leading a games session that brought the group we played with to a much closer, more cohesive and open place. Very rewarding:-) Made time to debrief with my colleague afterwards, as it was his first time. Helped a friend find a mutual friend and lent her, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ as a way of practicing her English by reading a short, uplifting story every day.

AND good deed(s) received:

I was given a pair of flip flops all the way from Brazil, given to me by an old friend to whom I had just given some private English tuition. She also gave me chocolate (!) and shared with me the wonderful concept of mixing herb tea and fruit juice! Honestly, it’s delicious! (lemon and ginger tea with apple and elderflower juice…go on try it, you know you want to!)

Tuesday 16th July

I picked up a package from the post office for my Mum, so she wouldn’t have to go out into town on her one day off. On arriving home after a busy day I immediately planted out some herbs, given to me by a dear friend who’d dug them up from her garden. I watered them and spent some time welcoming them to their new home and asking them to grow strong and abundant. It had been a day spent mostly in my head, and I needed this nature connection, so I couldn’t stop there and planted out some sweet williams flowers we’d had in large pots which they were rapidly out growing. I felt like an over busy mother at last making time to take her child to get new shoes that fit…sorry flowers, I won’t wait so long next time.

AND good deed(s) received: I so enjoyed catching up with a friend and teaching colleague who showed me round her beautiful garden and shared some green fingered wisdom, as well as digging up some spare herbs and potting them in a little tray for me to take away. I so appreciated the deep sharing, over fresh herb tea and chocolate brownies! Later I met with another colleague and friend to debrief on our French week last week, and was served ice cream – wow!

Wednesday 17th July

Went food shopping – twice! – for my Dad, who arrived for a visit. Rushed home from a cleaning job to meet him as he arrived earlier than I had expected, and walked down the road to pick him up from where his Sat Nav had left him…pretty close! We are quite remote:-) I cooked a delicious meal for the three of us; Dad, Mum and I.

AND good deed(s) received: I received a camera from my Dad, one of his he’s since replaced, and his wonderful company on a gentle river walk where we shared our love for nature and exchanged our combined knowledge to identify what we could along the way. Basked in the pleasure of the company of both my parents who generously appreciated the meal I’d cooked.

Thursday 18th July

Cleaned out my car to be prepared to pick up hitch hikers! It was such a mess I had been too embarrassed to stop for a couple of women I’d seen waiting by the road recently so I knew I had to do something! I took a little time to catch up with blogging friends and send out some appreciative likes and comments. Sent an email to an old college friend. Bought my dad cake and coffee at the end of a wonderful river walk we had just shared, complete with picnic on big rock inches from said river where Dad saw a trout jump! (I just saw the ripples) Magic! Thanks sister flow (AKA River Findhorn!:-)

AND good deed(s) received: Mum called in perfect timing to pick us up and drive us home from the cafe, saving us a walk back. Dad cooked a delicious meal which we ate outside in the warmth of this precious Scottish Summer!

Friday 19th July

Left the house early so I could have some focused time in a cafe to write a card, and send a text to a dear friend whose birthday it was. Gave a private English lesson to one of my regular students and ran over by 30 mins which she wanted to pay me for but I declined, saying the conversation we’d had had been a real gift to me (it had been, reminding me of the power of Bach Flower remedies, amongst other things…) Gave a lift to a woman who was hitching into town…hooray! My car cleaning good deed of yesterday paid off!

AND good deed(s) received: Last week I lost my purse, and it was handed in. This week…the birthday parcel I’d been so carefully preparing! I left it in the cafe! I rushed back from the post office. where I’d realised I was in fact sans parcel to send, to be met in the cafe by a woman with a warm smile on her face who handed me the package and wished me a good day! Oh my, so many human angels…

Saturday 20th July

SUCH a laughter filled day. I played beech tennis with Dad in such windy conditions the ball was flying all over the place – hilarious! Helped Dad cook. Cut a bunch of sweet peas from the garden where they’re bursting into incredibly fragrant, colourful abundance, and put them in a little vase for Mum. Shared more laughter when we got talking about chickens, as I would love to keep some chickens here, and I kept singing the very silly song, ‘Chick chick chick chick chicken, lay a little egg for me…’ until I was in such fits of giggles I was almost crying and Dad pulled out the camera!

AND good deed(s) received: Dad shared with me how he had been given part of his family’s garden for his own, as a child, and how much he had loved it. He too had planted sweet peas. Precious memories shared and thereby preserved.

Have a great week dear friends:-)