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And now for something completely different:-) I wrote this at a time when I was craving light, and it made me smile. By the way, if you’d like to light a virtual candle for someone or something, check out this website…it’s beautiful.


Shine on beautiful people:-)

                 There once was a candle

that burned so bright,

we needed nothing but his light.

It shone, it glowed

So warm and pure

We had no need to ask for more.


But candle had begun to dream

of future times as yet not seen,

and so his glow diminished fast

till those around him felt the past,

for there was scarce sufficient light

to clearly see their present plight.


But while they all dwelt in the past,

Candle’s thoughts had traveled fast,

into a future perfect world.

But all too soon those dreams unfurled,

for the world in which he’d choose to dwell

was not yet built, so candle fell

into a confusion deep and bleak –

he’d seen a perfection he couldn’t keep.


His friends just could not understand,

what candle had seen in that far off land.

So sadness caused his light to dwindle,

as he took to a love sick bed.

Dwindle it did, dwindle until

It was barely flickering red.

So dark it was that life itself

began to sleep instead.


Yet candle’s thoughts continued to build

their vision throughout this night,

and soon he saw that to light the dark

his glow must be brighter than bright,

for in order to build that paradise

we had to see the wrongs to put right.


And so with all his love and trust,

he asked the joy to flow,

and once again, but brighter still

The light began to glow.



Relentless brightness yielded much

For there were none it failed to touch

On seeing all that could improve

So people’s thoughts began to move

To a future, better life than now

The one remaining question – how?


The light of joy reached deep within

and opened people’s hearts,

willing them to know, believe,

Love is where healing starts


And so it came to be that love

grew stronger by the minute,

‘till soon there wasn’t a heart or soul

that alone, could contain all within it


And so the love began to flow

Between, amongst, afar

And as it shone on all it touched

The world was as a star

Emitting the heat and light of love

As never once known before

Bringing to life and beings all

The strength of the ever more


And so with love the people built

Their world of grace and truth

Together, as one, they toiled and worked

Not one did stand aloof.


And so did candle’s bright light shine

On that future world he’d seen

And yet is was better, brighter still

Than the one to which he’d been

For never alone could mind conceive

What all hearts together can achieve