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The following is something I wrote a couple of months ago, and recently re-read. I’ve been wondering whether to share it for a couple of days, but it’s nagging me…so here it is. Something I wrote after a meditation. May it serve you.

Dive in and dive deep and don’t hold your breath – keep breathing, regular rhythmic, strong and know with every second of every breath, you are me and I am you, and nothing, and I mean nothing, is beyond you. Your playing small is shrinking you, and it’s time to allow yourself to grow, but your roots have shrunk also, and they need to find that place again, deep in source, where they can imbibe freely of love and faith. You’re holding on by a thread and and you’re tired, so find your soul food and give up trying to shrink and hide. I need you to grow. You want to grow. Don’t worry about putting others in the shade as you become bigger and wider. They have their own paths and some plants grow better in the shade. They have their own paths, and their own choices to make. You, and you alone can make yours, and make them wisely, with me, through me, for when you do that you need have no fear of their consequences. Attend to your roots my love, before you reach up for the sun.