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Here’s week seven folks – spanning two countries and three bedrooms (!). I’ve spent just four nights in my own bed this week before packing again to work away…ah well, home is where the heart is right:-)

May I again appreciate my dear ‘Good Deed friend’, Rosie, the inspiration for all these posts. I love sharing with experience with you…:-)


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Sunday 30th June

Played a game of beach tennis with my father and collected a little litter off the beach. When we went shopping at the local supermarket I provided talking shopping list services, though I hadn’t written anything down. Did some shopping for little pressies for friends and family back home.

AND good deeds received: Dad complimented me on my beach tennis skills and, again, treated my brother and I to a delicious evening meal in one of our favourite tavernas.

Monday 1st July

I got out of our car and held a sweet little cat while Dad reversed out of the parking spot, as the cat kept trying to get under the car! I hope it found some other shade. I shared a story on my blog which was sent to me by a friend, celebrating parents. Sent this same friend an email to thank her and share some news, generally connect again.

AND good deed(s) received: When my father and I wanted to play backgammon in the sun the apartment’s owners lent us a small wooden table we could move around to avoid the shade, and then unexpectedly brought us ouzo and mezes as well!

Tuesday 2nd July

Amidst all the fluster and busyness of packing and cleaning and dealing with that ‘my holiday is over and I don’t want it to be’ feeling, I put on a smile and knocked on the door of the apartment owners, who are dear family friends, and said goodbye. They hugged me, kissed my cheeks three times and made me promise to come back next year…with a man! I really should be married by now apparently! I wrote my final postcard to a dear friend. Offered my seat in a packed airport departure lounge to a woman with a baby.

AND good deed(s) received: Dad offered to post my last postcard as I couldn’t find a postbox at the airport and he was staying for a few more hours as his flight was much later. Mum picked me up from Inverness bus station and welcomed me home with cheesecake!

Wednesday 3rd July

Spent some quality time reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. Made dinner for Mum and I. Did another module of the distance learning course I’m taking on proofreading and copy editing, so I can work more from home and have a regular job that’s connected with writing and can support my more creative stuff.

AND good deed(s) received: Another work meeting to plan the week for the group that arrives on Saturday…and this time my friend and colleague served me fresh pineapple, gently warmed and ripened in the Scottish sun! The same friend was very patient with my very rusty French (the group don’t speak much English) and said it had improved, even in the hour we were together. I hope it keeps coming back…I’ll need it all on Saturday!

Thursday 4th July

I cleaned our kitchen windows and generally spring cleaned the house a bit (late, I know….), then gave our garden some much needed attention, removing the weeds that had grown around our sweet peas and watering the sun flowers and herbs against the house which don’t get rainwater because of the roof overhang. I loved how they stretched out and looked stronger almost immediately. Sorry I let you get thirsty guys…

AND good deed(s) received: My sister texted to thank me for the postcard she had received, and the wonderful ladies at our local Credit Union helped me out with a small loan while I wait for a payment from work that is due early next week.

Friday 5th July

I cooked a (delicious even if I do say it myself…) meal for my mother and I and mowed the lawn, even though what I really wanted to do was sit and do nothing while losing myself in watching the men’s semi-finals of Wimbledon! While I was mowing, I spent some time with little Peter (the grandson of my neighbours) and gave him the silly present I’d bought for him in Greece (a weird synthetic splattable tomato that you throw at walls and windows!) and hugged and consoled him when he shared he was sad because it had been his last day at school for the year and his teacher, whom he adores, won’t be coming back in September.

AND good deed(s) received: I received a lovely email from a dear friend inviting me to a college reunion, which pulled firmly on my sixteen year old heartstrings, the ones that still connect me to where I grew up and went to school. Our neighbour dropped by for a chat and asked about my holiday, while another neighbour lent me his sharpening stone so I could give my gardening sheers a new lease of life!

Saturday 6th July

I washed up some mugs in the Community Centre where I am working this week, whilst my group were out on a tour, and helped my mother wrap filo parcels in the kitchen while I had a little free time. I said sorry when I needed to…

AND good deed(s) received: I was very quickly forgiven by a colleague for my complete overreaction to the tour over running. She listened to me as I processed it and realised why I had reacted in such an over the top and unhelpful way, and there was no time or space for bad feeling to stick so we parted firm friends again:-)