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This is my poetic response to having read Dr Seuss’ ‘The Lorax’ (which if you haven’t yet read, I urge you to do so…like, yesterday!) It’s a pure genius story that both moved me deeply and made me laugh out loud, about the perils of cutting down trees. I’ll tell you more another time, because I need to make all of you read this book and read it to your kids, and your kids kids, and any other kids and old kids and grown up kids you can find who will listen,  but this post just couldn’t wait. I read the book on the plane over here (I’m in Crete right now…) and immediately I finished the book I was overcome with feelings and thoughts that needed to be put on paper, so I let down my in flight tray and whipped out my ever present notebook and pen, and wrote this…

I’ve thought and I’ve thunk

And I’ve tickled my brain

I’ve chased all the thinkylink

Thoughts you could name

I’ve just about caught

Every though the world has

But they’re all just too big

Or too small or too sad

So I told my brain, ‘Go!

Have a holiday friend,

Find a beach or an island

A planet, a star

Go further than the furtherest

Everest star

And please don’t come back

For a few years or more

‘cos me and that drum

Playing musical chest

Where it beats and it bangs

‘till it won’t let me rest

That ripples and tickles

And gives me the frights

More frights that the darkest

Of blackerest nights

My heart says it’s got

Something ‘portant to say

But it’s shy and won’t talk

‘till you’ve gone far away

So we hugged and we cried

And I helped brain get packed

And I told her, ‘Have fun,

But please don’t hurry back’

Then I waved and I smiled

‘till I knew she’d gone far

As far as the fartherest

Everest star

Then I locked all the windows

the doors, and the bolts

And I locked all the keys

In a saferer vault

I made it the secretest

Safe that I could

Then I told that old drum

That had banged on my chest

So loud and so hard

That I just couldn’t rest

‘It’s safe friend, brain’s gone

Say what you must say.’

Then I sat and I waited

I waited all day

I waited all night

Then I waited some more

‘till I just couldn’t wait

Any sleepery snore

Then I heard it

So shyly

Quite quiet as first

‘till the whole of its drummingest

Music just burst

And I danced and I whooped

And I sang and I smiled

‘till I’d smiled just the shiniest

Smilingest smile

And I opened the vault

And I took out the keys

And I opened the windows

And doors to the breeze

And I shouted right then

At the top of my voice

I shouted because

I just didn’t have a choice

I shouted and screamed

‘till my face turned bright blue

Just right as that drum

In my chest told me to

‘Banish your brain

Till you’ve heard your heart song

 Then sing it all day

And all year and all long

And when you can sing

With no effort at all

Then, and only then

Can you send out the call

To that fartherest everest

Far away star’

Yes, dear brain my friend

You holiday’s up

It’s over, finito

I need you, come back

I’m sorry I banned you

And gave you the sack

You’re hired, I’ll pay you

In diamonds and gold

I’ve got a great tune

Yes, I’ve found a great beat

Now I just need the words

So my song is complete

And now brain is listening

Real hard every day

To every small rat-a-tat,

Tinkle and sway

Collecting its thoughts

On the tune that it’s heard…

And when brain’s done ready

I’ll share every word:-)