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Here’s week five folks – 47 and counting! This has been a remarkable week, one that I will reflect on, and that will nourish me heart and soul, for a long time to come. I’ve always believed in miracles, but to experience just how much friendship and love can be generated between ‘strangers’ in just four weeks took my breath away (again, this wasn’t the first time…), and did its job of reminding me that, however much of a mess humanity is in, we have the chance and the means to turn it around in the blink of an eye…if we only choose to. And doing good deeds, consciously, is one of those ways…so thanks so much Rosie, I owe the beauty of experiencing the joys of this commitment to you:-)


And I begin to wonder at, to observe and witness, something changing in me. It’s hard to describe, but I seem to have more energy, lightness and…joy. It’s a curious pleasure to contemplate the question of whether this is a result of this practice of daily good deeds…but whatever the reason, long may it last! Oh, and this week more than any so far, has reminded me that a good deed given never leaves us, but returns to bless us in countless varied and wonderful ways…we truly can not give without receiving.

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Monday 17th June

I spent six hours or more in deep conversation with a dear, new found friend. In fact, we were so engaged that the waiter who served us in the hotel bar we had chosen as a venue, approached us ten minutes after having served us our meal, saying that he had seen we hadn’t touched our food and was concerned that it would get cold. This was a meeting of hearts, minds and souls that gifted me so many gems of wisdom, inspiration and grace that I still need to sit with an inner re-run of the conversation a while to integrate the full harvest. I can not separate this experience into good deeds given and received because it was a magical mutual exchange of blessing. To see and be seen. To hear and be heard. To know and be known. Magic.

Tuesday 18th June

I woke up filled with creativity and inspiration carried over from the conversation of the night before, despite only five hours or so of sleep, and wrote a lullaby for a friend and fellow blogger.Β  Spent an hour or so preparing our meeting space for an creative multi-media art activity that evening. I’d collected bits of wool and fabric from home, and bought some more glue in town so all was ready.

AND good deed(s) received: A friend with whom I am preparing to hold a guest week in French provided the most delicious biscuits for our meeting! I received so much blogging love for the lullaby I wrote AND some clear advice and encouragement on how to load it as a video.

Wednesday 12th June

Sang a beautiful Hawaiian song with my students on the beach. The intention was to call the dolphins, which didn’t happen (at least we didn’t see them) but we did seem to draw the attention of a playful seagull who entertained us for a good five minutes diving and splashing and flapping about in the sea just in front of us. Laughed and appreciated said seagull! I uploaded a video of me singing the lullaby on YouTube.

AND good deed(s) received: The man responsible for transport in the community very kindly allowed us to take a mini bus for our group’s afternoon trip to a nearby beach, even though both my colleague and I had forgotten to request it in advance and there was a double booking as a result. Soooo much blogging love for the YouTube video post! Blew me away – thanks so much y’all:-)

Thursday 13th June

Wrote ripple stories with my students in our final class together, offering them the opportunity to consider how their positive actions do ripple out and have an affect on the world. (I’ll explain this activity more in another post). Adapted the lullaby to create a song of goodbye and appreciation to share with my students and colleagues. Helped carry fire wood down to the garden for a celebratory, sing song bonfire.

AND good deed(s) received: More hugs, smiles and appreciations than I can acknowledge here. Some first class fireside entertainment, as people sang everything from Dylan, to Abba and back again!

Friday 14th June

Returned to the classroom in the afternoon to give it a final once over, making sure it was clean, physically and energetically, for whichever group would use it next. Sent an email to my sister, whose birthday it was. I spent some time choosing my outfit (not something I usually give much time or thought to) for the evening’s celebration dinner, as I wanted to appropriately showcase the necklace I’d been gifted my one of my students.

AND good deed(s) received: Continued to float on a sea of gifts, both tangible and from the heart, including countless hugs and appreciations and two beautiful necklaces. The lady I sat next to at dinner passed on a message from a prisoner she writes to in the US who told her Freddie, the man I write to, hasn’t written for a while because he hasn’t got any stamps. She also gave me some advice on how I might be able to send him some money so he can buy stamps in future.

Saturday 15th

Got up early and gave the bedroom I’d lived in for the last month a really loving clean in appreciation, preparing it for whoever moves in next. Opened my arms, and my heart, hugging my way through several tearful goodbyes as we, the students and I, all moved on to whatever is next for each of us. Bought some milk on the way home, as my mother had texted to say we were out, and then mowed the lawn to get grounded again after flying high on love and appreciation. Sent monthly money to my dear friend in Rwanda, a bit early because I’m away next week.

AND good deed(s) received: More hugs and kind words! My mother made a point of appreciating the lawn after I’d done the mowing and gave me a very warm welcome home.

Sunday 16th

I will call Beatha in Rwanda to catch up, and give her the details to collect the money. I will send out some blog love:-) I will wash up and clean the house, ready to prepare a meal for my mother and I this evening, as she is out most of the day. Oh…I will try to call my sister, whose birthday was on Friday. I will prepare a birthday card for my niece whose birthday is next Tuesday!

AND good deed(s) received: I am open to whatever these might be!