Dear Friends

Yesterday I posted a lullaby here, which I wrote. Now, with encouragement and advice from fellow blogger, http://bringingupbuddhas.com/, I’ve managed to upload a video of me singing it on You Tube! OK, the quality isn’t great and you can hear me breathing too much (!!) but hey, I get to share the song in full, with sound as well as the words. Do have a quick listen, it’s only short, and I’d love to know what you think. As I said before, the tune is vaguely ‘borrowed’ from the Connemara cradle song. Enjoy!

And here are the words again:


An ‘I am’ Lullaby

I am well in my body

I am kind in my heart

I am loved, I am loving

I’m a light in the dark

But the sun needs to rest now

And for now, so do I

In a blanket of love’s warmth

With a smile, close my eyes

I am filled with compassion

I am good with my deeds

I am happy and joyful

I am calm and at ease

But the day now is ending

And for now I must sleep

Giving thanks that I’m healthy

And my goodness runs deep

I’m creative, I’m worthy

And I’m honest and true

I am perfect, I’m human

And I know you are too

And this song is a river

To the ocean of sleep

Where I rest and am peaceful

And the dreams are all sweet