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This was inspired by Vanessa at Bringing up Buddahs…


who wrote about Wayne Dyer’s ‘I am’ affirmations, which he recommends repeating before sleep. I thought I’d have more fun being with them if they were sung, so I’ve written this lullaby. The tune is vaguely ‘borrowed’ from the Connemara Cradle Song, or you can make up your own.  Enjoy!

An ‘I am’ Lullaby

I am well in my body

I am kind in my heart

I am loved, I am loving

I’m a light in the dark

But the sun needs to rest now

And for now, so do I

In a blanket of love’s warmth

With a smile, close my eyes

I am filled with compassion

I am good with my deeds

I am happy and joyful

I am calm and at ease

But the day now is ending

And for now I must sleep

Giving thanks that I’m healthy

And my goodness runs deep

I’m creative, I’m worthy

And I’m honest and true

I am perfect, I’m human

And I know you are too

And this song is a river

To the ocean of sleep

Where I rest and am peaceful

And the dreams are all sweet

I’d like to upload a short video of me singing it but I don’t know how. I’d welcome any advice/suggestions:-)