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Dear friends,

As promised here are the poems written by my students (who are undoubtedly also my teachers) during an English language class, shared with their permission. I read them a couple of my own acrostic poems, and then invited them to write their own. I did not give them words or a theme – so the fact that they all share a similar quality/energy is pure, beautiful ‘coincidence’. These poets come from five different countries, are aged 20 – 60+, and have English as a second or third language! It was a magical moment as we all sat and read these poems, all written in different colours and styles of handwriting, on a single whiteboard. This is learning. This is creativity. This is why I teach.



People are made to love

All of us have this gift deeply within

Some of us just give it, and forget to receive

Some of us just receive, and forget to give

In our hearts even if it’s aware or hidden, the

One and only need is the feeling of love

Not just sometimes but every day of our lives.



Hold my hand

Or try to do it then

People are not on the earth to live alone

Enjoy being a big family



Feelings and emotions will be

Loved and liberated because

Only in a pure body

Will the light and love flow



Give me your blessings

Open my heart

Daily I will give my best for you



Live your life like a dance

Open your heart and send it to others

Very often and wherever you are

Every time



Going deeply in the fields

Rarely can bring more than

An angel could do

Tears are made of songs

Invisible to

Those who might abuse them

Unknown songs of unknown lands


Enjoy my poem, everyone



Sweet smell of cherry blossom

Unity of colours

Nourishing my soul

Sunrise is welcoming a new day

Honour of being alive

In between many options

Never look back

Even if you fall down.



How long are our ways

Enter into yourself

All of them take you to your objective

Right side, maybe it’s better than left

Then you need to listen to your angel

Smile for the life

Inside you have a secret way

Nothing can put you off

Love, love, love

On or under the sun

Victories will come

Enter into the real world



Peace is when I’ll come to self-love with me

Or we get a higher quality by blessing other people

When the world is in peace things are going to change more than yet

Evolution on Earth isn’t only a big word to transform our universe

Radicalism is not a bad thing, but I miss the love within