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Here’s week four folks – only…48 to go! GULP! Hand on heart this has become the anchor of my week (like coffee is the anchor of my day!). In a life chock full of busyness and change, these Sunday mornings are a true blessing and keep me connected to what matters…thanks so much Rosie, I owe the beauty, focus and calm of my Sunday mornings to you:-)


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Monday 10th June

Called my father to chat and to wish him a good holiday (he’s leaving for Crete on Tuesday) but there was no answer. Will try again early tomorrow. Wrote a poem in response to a fellow blogger’s request for a photo of the huge tree I’d mentioned in last week’s post. Gave a friend a lift home after we worked together getting an elderly lady in our community ready for bed.

AND good deed(s) received: Sooooo much loving response to my poem about hugging a huge tree, with people sharing deep love and compassion for our tree friends. Really touched me:-)

Tuesday 11th June

Texted my father to wish him a good trip. Offered individual 30 minute one to one sessions to the nine students in my class, as we only have a week and a half left and I wanted to give them space to ask any remaining, specific, niggly English language questions – definition of niggly anyone? I prepared a one page version of the poems my students had written in class for publication in our weekly community newsletter. Will post the poems here tomorrow (Monday)

AND good deed(s) received:  Tea break, and unfortunately I already had my toast rather overloaded with marmalade, so I didn’t accept the burnt toffee flavoured organic chocolate I was offered! I did accept the compliment on my teaching, however, being told it came across so clearly that I love what I do.

Wednesday 12th June

I sent a birthday email to a friend in Rwanda whom I refer to as my uncle, for a wiser, warmer man I’ve seldom met. He just turned 61. I went on a CD player hunt for the teacher who steps in for me on a Thursday morning, as the one in the room which is currently my classroom has given up.

AND good deed(s) received: One of my students lent me her iPod to listen to some of her favourite songs, as we had just discovered we both loved musicals! I’m about to make best new friends with…Aspects of Love!

Thursday 13th June

I picked up litter that flew towards me in the wind as I took a grounding walk through the woods and sang to the trees. Called my mother to check in how she was doing with her very busy week, as I hadn’t seen her for a few days. I offered to help her cook on Sunday afternoon, as there is a larger than usual group coming for dinner. Wrote and posted a blog on behalf of trees to get some love flowing towards our well rooted, air cleansing friends:-)

AND good deed(s) received: On my walk through the woods I met a friend who likes to play static trapeze in the trees. She was knelt close to the ground staring at her knee. I approached and stared at her knee too…where there was a small bug whose body was shining all kinds of different, stunning, iridescent colours in the sun. For a moment I stopped and just ‘was’, immersing myself in awe at simple beauty.

Friday 14th June

Gave my garden some loving attention, including watering and weeding.

AND good deed(s) received:  I received lots of compliments on my new-to-me dress, which I wore to our Friday, end of the week, celebration dinner. AND…got a REAL (handwritten) letter from a friend in Canada…what a treat:-)

Saturday 15th

Visited the opening of a dear friends new ceramics studio…WOW!!! Seeing all her stuff in one beautiful space had me in awe – she’s one seriously talented potter. (note to self: find out if she has a current website and plug her here!) Visited an elderly friend with good news – there were left overs from a community barbecue my Mum and a friend were running as a fundraiser, would he like some?

AND good deed(s) received: My above mentioned beloved potter friend had, in her studio, a glass bowl of blessing cards I made for her for her 50th birthday, for people to receive a blessing as they looked around. She even made a point of telling everyone it was me who made them! AND…got nominated for a blog award – hooray! Thank you…


Sunday 16th

Sent some blog love round, reading and commenting. (I will help) my mother to cook an evening meal for a large group who are coming to visit the community. (I will weed) my salad bed and re plant the sunflowers somewhere else…where they have more room:-) (I will send) an email to a dear friend who has already been waiting too long:-)

AND good deed(s) received: I just got poured a cup of freshly brewed proper coffee hot of the percolator, before it went out for communal use…hmmmmm delicious, and all the more so for the fact that all I had to do was hold out my cup and say, ‘two thirds full please, so there’s room for milk.’