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With joyful celebration I share my third week of Good Deeds, a challenge I am taking one week at a time, with the intention of allowing it to grow and flourish into a full year, and perhaps beyond!

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Monday 3rd June

Successfully removed a live tick from one of my students who’d been for a relaxing walk in the woods alone, only to return with unwanted company:-) Wrote a carefully worded email on behalf of another student regarding payment issues which, due to her difficulty with the language, were not yet resolved. Posted a review for an author, Harry Steinman, on Amazon.com. Do read it…the book I mean:-) It’s excellent!


AND good deed(s) received: Received lots of blogging love and appreciation for a poem I posted called ‘The Kindness Drum’ – thanks everyone!


Tuesday 4th June

Sent out some blogging love; visiting, commenting and liking and generally catching up with virtual friends:-) I spent my morning tea break listening to my colleague who had had a challenging first half of the morning, and so sacrificed my own mid morning tea and toast.

AND good deed(s) received: I too had had a slightly shaky first half of the morning, so the enthusiastic appreciation from the students for the second half was really welcome AND we wrote some amazing acrostic poems together, the beauty and depth of which were truly breath taking. That reminds me, I need to ask their permission, and then I will share some of their poems here on this blog.

Wednesday 5th June

I invited our group to give a huge tree a group hug. It took I think seven of us, holding hands, to become a large enough circle to embrace the huge trunk. I offered a compassionate listening ear to a student, now friend, over lunch who needed to share about a family issue which was knocking at her inner door for attention, and she wasn’t sure how to respond.

AND good deed(s) received: Thank you dearest mother nature for the beautiful weather, your gift to us which we gratefully received. The same student who talked to me about a family issue shared with me at dinner time that she had sent an email, as we had discussed, and received an immediate and appreciative response…hooray!

Thursday 6th June

I watered my garden, did some food shopping for my mother who would arrive home later that day, and arranged my schedule so that I could be there for an hour or so, when she got back, to catch up and make her a cup of tea after her long drive (about 10 hours from the middle of England to the North of Scotland).

AND good deed(s) received: A lovely couple who live in the community here, and with whom I have shared many wonderful moments, came to my rescue and agreed to offer a question and answer session for our students the following day. I had received soooo many nos from people who were unavailable for various reasons, and I had begun to panic…but there was no need:-) Turned out that my neighbour had been watering my plants, as she had noticed I hadn’t been home for three days, (I’d intended to be, but just got too busy) so they were all green and happy:-)

Friday 7th June

Immediately responded to a lovely email from a friend, even though it was still pre-coffee, 7am, and I had a lesson to plan! Shared some more blogging love in the afternoon, including signing up to the ‘happsters’, http://happsters.com/2013/06/07/6-happiness-movements-everyone-should-know-about/ and visiting some sites recommended on their blog, other movements that share the intention to promote and spread happiness and positivity. The most impressive to me was the story of a woman who had taken a photo every day for a year of something in her life she was grateful for. Amazing, do check it out: http://365grateful.com/

Hmmm, this is making me think of a song, me being a walking juke box and all, so do you know, ‘Spread a little happiness as you go by’? Have a listen and spread that happiness…

AND good deed(s) received: I heard my voice called out behind me as I walked away from the classroom, ‘Harula!’ I turned…to find one of my students offering me a piece of really delicious orange flavoured chocolate…mmmmm. One of my students offered to change tables so that I could sit with the rest of the group, as for some reason not enough places had been laid for everyone to sit together. I declined, but appreciated the offer…and had a lovely one to one chat with another student on another table.

Saturday 8th

I did some ‘homecare’, emptying the paper and rubbish bins of my own office and the one next door. Spent breakfast chatting with one of my students and exploring options together, regarding accessing additional support. Took my neighbour’s grandson to the river for a couple of hours, and we paddled and played in glorious Scottish sunshine! Cooked a yummy meal for my Mum and mowed the lawn to golfing green perfection!

AND good deed(s) received: Peter, the grandson, helped me with some gardening before we went on our trip to the river. Hugs and appreciations filled my day, coming from all corners.

Sunday 9th

Created a new page to bring all these posts together, so that readers can follow this journey more easily. Immediately responded to an email received from a friend who shared a photo of a beautiful piece of art work with me…wow, so much talent and openness to inspiration! The day is far from over…so there will be more good deeds to come, but I’m impatient to share this post now:-)

AND good deed(s) received: I received a warm good morning hug from one of my students, and when I went to collect homework that had been handed in on Friday for marking, it had all magically disappeared! I have a feeling it was decided that I shouldn’t work over the weekend. I shall ask the students tomorrow:-) Read the weekly post of fellow good deed blogger who inspired my own good deed journey and was very touched by her enthusiastic acknowledgement of our mutual support. It’s so much easier when you do these things together…thanks Rosie:-)