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I gave this book to my sister as a present for Christmas last year. She’s a very busy woman, so I thought to read something brief and ‘feel good’, with a passage for every day of the year, would be something she would enjoy.


It seems this book, which I have yet to read myself, has prompted others to follow in the steps of the inspiring author, and I recently read about a wonderful woman on wordpress who is doing just that.


Rosie, you in turn have inspired me to commit myself to weeks of good deeds, one week at a time, which may well, in turn, become a full year. But – there’s a twist:-) I will also record here the good deed(s) I receive each day. Just as I wish to become more conscious of my own power and potential to do good for others, I want to be sure I do not take for granted all the good others are doing me. So, here’s my first week…and I will set up a page where I will store these weekly posts as and when they come. Enjoy and let us know if you take up the challenge too:-)

And of course I’m also aware you don’t have to record it to do it. I’m sure for many of you, good deeds are an integral part of your lives already…but in my experience this last week, there is much joy to be found in keeping watch for opportunities to offer support in new and spontaneous ways.

Monday 20th May

Spent an hour scanning in photos at the library to email them to my elder sister for an album she’s making for my other sister’s 40th birthday. Hung out my mother’s washing. Sent a text message wishing my dear niece luck with her exams. Visited and appreciated, with likes and comments, blogs of beloved wordpress friends and started following a couple more. Oh…began a good deed week!!!

AND good deed(s) received: received £5 from a friend who helps me support a family I’m connected with in Rwanda AND another colleague contacted me saying she wants to have a coffee morning to raise money for the same family! (for more info on Beatha and her boys go to http://beathaandherboys.wordpress.com/ )

Tuesday 21st

Wrote an email to a fellow blogger who wanted to connect around the topic of Rwanda.  I cooked dinner for my mother and I, even though I really didn’t want to because I was feeling tired and grumpy.

AND good deed(s) received: our neighbour gave me her left over lettuce seedlings, which I planted out straight away. We won’t be short on salad this summer! A friend gave me a £10 donation for Beatha and her boys.

Wednesday 22nd

Wrote an email to a dear friend which had been a bit delayed, felt good to catch up with that. Sent Beatha’s monthly money by Western Union. Made and wrote a thank you card for the friend who donated £10 yesterday, and delivered it by hand, though she was out at work. Rang my sister for her birthday, but she was busy working so I left a singing message on her mobile voice mail.

AND good deed(s) received:

Thursday 23rd

I gave the new teacher I’ll be working with over the next four weeks three hours of support in lesson planning and, noticing that she was getting nervous and had filled her head to bursting point I asked her to promise that she would take the whole of the following afternoon off to replenish and relax, ready to start on Saturday.

AND good deed(s) received: A woman to whom I give private English lessons served me with homemade cake and a delicious rose tea on arrival and also said, although she can’t afford to pay me much, she would be happy to offer me a massage in exchange!

Friday 24th

I dropped in to the office of the local paper to sign a petition against the demolition of a beautiful old church which a local group are trying to get turned into a community centre….and I was immediately rewarded by meeting a friend who was there signing it too, who gave me a lovely hug:-) Oh, and I planted out my Mum’s sweet pea seedlings and made a frame for them to climb because I knew she wouldn’t have time before leaving for two weeks early the next morning.

AND good deed(s) received: Our wonderful neighbour said she’d water my now treasured garden if it didn’t get enough rain over the next three days while I too am away.

Saturday 25th

I got up early to see my Mum off. Offered the better of the two classrooms for the residential English course I’m teaching for a month to the new teacher. Gave a friend a lift home when we met at the supermarket.

AND good deed(s) received: One of my new students spontaneously offered me a piece of precious chocolate after lunch:-) Oh, and another student gave me a present from his home country, Brazil – guava jam!

Sunday 26th

I gave a hug to someone who needed it, and the tears that fell on my shoulder were a blessing for both of us. I heard out a friend who needed to get something off her chest. I finished writing and then published…this post!…with the intention of inspiring further good deeds and blessings all over the world. It’s called good deed relay – I’m passing the baton friends:-) Who will receive it…?

AND good deed(s) received: A dear colleague and friend gave me this afternoon off!!!