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Why all this rush

beloved seed?

Look to the mighty Oak and know

your acorn too

will thrive and grow

to hence become

as strong and proud

for years to come

but first

plant your acorn in the earth

it longs to be held

in mother’s depths

for miracles are shy

and need their privacy

Yet in your rush

to reach the light

and touch the sky

you deny life

its time of rest

let it transform

and watch the Oak in you be born

long for the sky

then bow

look down

and do you work

here on the ground

There are three reasons I wrote this poem. First, because I was inspired this morning by beautiful photos I saw, taken through the course of a year, of a beautiful Oak tree.


Secondly, because I recall, as if it were yesterday though it’s been years, a talk I attended by Satish Kumar, who warned us not to put our acorns on the shelf and admire them. They will not grow unless we put them in the ground.


Thirdly, because I made a decision around work recently that made me question my desire to really do something ‘important, big, special’ with my life NOW! It felt like a step back. But no. It was just a return to earth, and an acknowledgement that I still have much need to grow and learn.

We can all be Oaks my friends…but it takes time:-)