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“Whatever you can do or dream you can,

begin it.”


I’m not the most patient of people. I also happen to be someone for whom ideas come easily. In fact the ratio of ideas to those that are actually converted into viable projects is probably about the same as the survival rate of loggerhead turtle hatchlings who make it to adulthood (sadly, only about 1 in 1000).

image credit:www.kateliosgroup.org

Perhaps it would be true to say that more of my ideas would bear fruit if there were less of them demanding my attention. Perhaps more still would grow beyond delicate seedlings if I planned a little, fed them a bit more. And perhaps I was made to be someone with lots of ideas for the very reason that I’m better at having them than giving them roots.

However, today, ladies and gentlemen, today, the idea was born at around 8am and now, if I look outside my bedroom window, a very real and visible and solid beginning has already taken shape.

garden bed 1Before I’d even made, let alone had time to drink, my morning coffee my mother shared that a local organic vegetable garden was having a seedling sale and shouldn’t we go buy some baby salads and spinach on Saturday and just plant them, try them out in our garden?

A great idea – and therefore drawing in a thick swarm of buts, flying in for the attack. BUT we need to make beds, BUT the earth here is poor so we’ll need compost, BUT I have 102 other things to do. BUT will we really maintain it and eat all that we grow?

The buts continued to intrude on my shower, but images of the beds I would make kept drawing themselves behind my eyes. I didn’t want to buy any special materials because I’m a ‘do what you can with what you have’ kinda girl, and I knew we had some rough longish logs from the hedge we had to take down. Those whiskey barrel staves we bought for firewood weren’t really needed now either, so if I only had…

Unfortunately I couldn’t play with these pictures to make them real straight away because I had work comittments, so I forced myself through loud inner protest to put on decent clothes and not my gardening jeans, because this was something I wouldn’t be able to stop once I’d started.

Hours pass and it’s home from work, on with the jeans and, maybe 90 minutes later, just before the rain began to fall:

gaeden bed 2I had to give you another view because I’m just so proud of my very rustic, very homemade, very cute and not quite complete bed. I’m not a gardener, but I did this all by myself, with my own now not quite so fair hands. That’s one swift turnaround from idea to – something real.

And I had another idea recently which I’d like to make real here and now. I recently read a fantastic post by a blogger I much admire who has three young children and shares her experiences of conscious motherhood, her sincere intention to raise her children with compassion and awareness. Her writing is eloquent and emotionally engaging, and her message never fails to touch my soul in a way that stirs quite deeply, bringing up thoughts and feelings that had sunk beneath my conscious awareness, so I can have another look. At the end of the post was a simple and clear request:

“I’d like to grow my audience, and could really use your help.”

My response? Just as simple. Go read please:-) I sincerely believe the message Vanessa is sharing is one that benefits humanity as a whole. I sincerely believe that compassion can be, and ought to be, the most important element of any educational curriculum, for as Aristotle said:

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

When I read that request for support I became aware of how generously life always responds to me when I ask for help, so what’s a plug for someone I believe in? So do go read:


And find ways to respond to other calls for help and support today; because you can, because you want to, because it makes you feel good and because the world will brighten and lighten a little each time you do.