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times changin

‘Come writers and critics

who prohesize with your pen

and keep your eyes wide

the chance won’t come again’

From nowhere, I started singing Dylan to myself in the shower this morning, and even the intense heat of the water couldn’t prevent me from getting the shivers. Two questions:

How is is possible I don’t know all the words to this essential song? (I’ll be putting that right)

How ‘old’ is this song anyway? (Because it certainly speaks to me in the world I’m experiencing now.)

The answer to the second is 1964, nearly 50 years ago, and 14 years before I was even born, but this morning I was singing this song like my soul had known it forever.

‘keep your eyes wide’

It’s not always easy to keep my eyes wide. I focus on the road ahead and pretend I don’t see the old man standing in the rain with his thumb in the air. I focus on the price and don’t see that those apples have been flown in all the way from South Africa and have cost the earth dear. And that was just yesterday’s tunnel vision.

‘eyes wide’

Take it all in Harula, not just the bits that are easy to see. Look too for positive examples, inspiration, people who are awake and, with all their love and courage, are doing their best to wake up others. It takes wide eyes to find the brave people living on the edge, but they’re there. Read this post as an example if you don’t believe me:



“If you’re not living on the edge,

you’re taking up too much space.”


Thank you Mr Dylan, for singing to and through my soul this morning, but before I conclude there’s one lyric I can’t agree with. The chance has, does and will come again. As long as we have our eyes wide we’ll see it – but will we take it? I believe we will, and may I live long enough to prove it so.

“Oh the times they are a changing”

And we can all be the change makers…starting today.

Eyes wide…and heart open.