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runny babbitI recently wrote a poem…


which drew the comment…

This is splendid! In a very Silverstein way.

Thank you…


So I googled Silverstein, as you do, and said another thank you because it turned out this was quite a compliment! Then a bell rang loudly and I turned to my bookshelf and – there it was! A book by Shel himself, which I’d received as a birthday present and had yet to read all the way through. Well now of course I had to…and soooo must you!!! I’ll eat all my hats, and gloves and scarves too,Β  if it’s not the funniest book you’ll read this year…well, if you like this kind of thing, which I most certainly do. The title Runny Babbit is just for silly starters in this Billy Sook because – yes – the letters at the beginning of words are switched! Honestly, this really does have to be bead to be relieved.

In fact I loved it so mery vuch, that I’ve written this review

I think I’ve found my favourite book

It made me laugh a lot

‘coz nearly all the letters

are in places they ought not

If I could write a book like that

so funny and so clever

I’d never stop to eat or sleep

just write all day forever!

I call myself a poet

but perhaps that’s not allowed

‘coz there’s too many things I wrote

of which I’m not too proud

But one day someone said to me

‘You write a bit like Shel’

So now I think I am allowed

the poet job as well!

So thanks a lot for reading

and I hope I made you laugh

now buy, beg, steal this ‘Billy Sook’

– it’s in another class!

Had to get this off my aching (from too much laughter!) chest, but now I’m boing to ged.Β  NoodGight!