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OK dear friends, and now for something completely different. What do you make of this?

Imagine a tree

That grew so high

If you climbed it you’d see

To a place beyond time


You’d see all the futures

The years up ahead

Then climb down with stories

Just filling your head


You’d tell all your friends

who’d laugh and say,

‘See into the future?’

‘You’re kidding!’, ‘No way!’


‘Ok then, I’ll prove it!

Wait here, I’ll be back’

Then off at a run

Down the future tree track.


You’d see even more

And remember it all

Then back on the ground

Feel a hundred feet tall


‘You’ll marry at twenty’

‘You’ll move house next week.’

‘You’ll pass all you math’s tests’

‘You’ll sing in your sleep.’


They’d stare at you, scared now

Believing they’d say,

‘How’d you know so much then?

Please tell us your way.’


‘I just climb this tree.

It’s so high I can see

Right into the future

And all that will be.’


‘Where is it? I’m coming!

No me next! Let me!’

And shaking and scrambling

You all climb the tree.


‘We’re too many. Get down!

You’ll break it! Please stop!’

But nobody’s listening

Their goal is the top.


The tree starts to bend

It creaks and it sways

‘What’s that? Why’s it moving?

Do something!’ They say


You scream and you shout

And hang on for dear life

‘The trees falling down!’

And again, you’re quite right.


It falls in slow motion

A million miles long

On its side it could stretch

From Madrid to Hong Kong


So be warned if you’re climbing

A special tree

Just keep it a secret

Between you and me!