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wonderful worldAs I walked the other day I heard myself start to re-sing a modern classic I’m sure you’ll all know, but click here if you need to refresh your memory:


And here’s my version – words only – so you’ll have to sing along yourself:-) Don’t worry, I won’t be listening!

Don’t know much about twittering

Got no profile on that Facebook thing

Yes I do talk to friends on Skype

But I wish email didn’t run my life

‘Coz I do know that I love truth

and I know that if you love her too

face to face is the best place to be

Yes I love those who read my blog

but who knows that man could be a frog

Modern life is getting so unreal

What’s the use of hugs you can not feel

‘Coz I told you that I love truth

and I know that if you love her too

face to face is the best place to be

You know when you dream about food and then you can’t reach out and eat what you’re seeing? Well I guess I feel like modern life is becoming a bit like that. Wanna know if climate change is happening? Get out and walk in the wild weather we’ve been having and make your own mind up, don’t google it and try to make sense of all the opinion written on your screen! Feel! Use your eyes, use all your senses…and common sense too.

Those people who get lost using Sat Nav? Yes, it’s funny…but it’s also sad. Texting someone who’s upstairs in the same house as you to tell them dinner’s ready? Can’t they smell it? Then what is that stuff you’re reheating in the microwave? We’re losing connection with each other and our environment. Read a map! Call your friend and ask for directions. Take in the scenery so you’ll know your way back because, hey, with all this wild weather the landscape might have changed a bit since those digital maps were last updated.

I’m not against technology, I’m championing balance. So here’s my invitation. Do something real today. Go for a real coffee (no decaf skinny lattes allowed) with a real friend and talk face to face. Don’t buy flowers in the supermarket that have been flown in from Kenya where they’ve been grown under plastic – go for a walk and smell some real ones, where they’ve grown, where they really are – now. Give someone a real hug – no air kissing, or open eyes. Wrap them in your arms like you mean it, close your eyes and connect with a real human being. The real world is a wild world, but what a wonderful world too. Experience it with all your senses and give all your smart gadgets a holiday…well, they might not need one – but my guess is maybe you do.