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I know I said I wouldn’t post these except on the dedicated page, but hey, a lady is allowed to change her mind right:-) I had such fun with these – and oh fun so loves to be shared, and grows in the sharing! Blessings all – enjoy!


R eality changes so fast

E very breath accepts life’s invitation –

L et go.

E verything we hold on to

A nd refuse to free

S tagnates and dies in our hands

E volution didn’t happen in a cage



P resent only to the creativity of nowness

L ight minds imagine into being new worlds

A dventures hiding around the corner of each new thought

Y elling at pirates and dragons



C aring for others isn’t enough

O nly when we honour interdependence

M aster our fear of each other

P eel away the remaining layers of emotional armour

A nd allow our universal essence to be seen and shared

S hall love reign in this world

S haking from the ground up life as we know it

I n celebration of all that we can be

O nly will and determination stand in our way

N ow who wants love enough to make it happen?