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Have you ever felt hemmed in? Have you ever felt so buried in shoulds, busyness and ought tos that the tasks you would normally enjoy become a straight jacket? The more you fight the tighter it becomes.

I have. My response? I breathe deeply, close my eyes and ask myself permission.

Excuse me, me, may I ignore all the shoulds that won’t cause harm by being un-done, just for today? Just for today?

Then I hear a gentle, loving yes. My shoulders sink several inches, my heart slows down several beats per minute and my face starts playing with the frown wrinkles to find a way of smoothing them out again.

Yes, I have permission, from me, to close my bedroom door and withdraw.

Yes, I have permission, from me, to release my promise of writing an acrostic poem every day…for today. Let me be with that, play with it and see if it was right not to push a little harder…

Yes, I have permission, from me, to think the thoughts I’d rather not have, but arguing with them is so tiring. Today they have permission to be thought. Just for today.

Permission brings tears, and they have permission too.

And tears bring softness.

And the straight jacket feeling has turned into a cuddle.

And that cuddle says, yes, you have got the energy and the talent and the will to do what needs to be done, and you will do it. Just not now.