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I was clearing my computer desktop the other day, putting files in folders, deleting those I no longer needed, and generally creating a sense of space. During this process I came across a file I couldn’t remember, with the part title, ‘The Writer in me lovingly…’ What was this? I opened it, and this is what I found:

The Writer in me lovingly invites me to…

Do my morning pages and meditate every week day morning

Avoid touching my lap top until after breakfast i.e. NOT before 8am

Take a one hour walk, or another form of exercise, every day.

Three very simple requests. Three simple requests I have not answered. Reading this humble invitation I remembered writing it. It was some time before Christmas last year, one morning just after waking, and it had felt very profound at the time, so how had it been so easily forgotten?

This morning I joyfully accepted this invitation. Tomorrow I will do the same. Beyond that? I want the writer in me to gift me with inspiration and flow, but what am I willing to gift her in return? She doesn’t ask for much, as you can see. She’s not asking me to perform, to succeed on the outer, to share my writing far and wide, to become famous and rich. She’s just asking me to take care, to nourish, to respect this living breathing being of which she is part. She is part of the me that is whole, and without the whole being well she can not be well.

 What does the Writer in you invite?

The Writer in me has recently become part of ‘Poet’s Corner’. Do check it out:-)