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Inspired by fellow blogger:


I’ve decided to set my own ‘poem a day’ challenge for March. Each day I’ll pick an Angel Card… http://www.findhorn.org/workshops/game/angel-cards/#.UTD2GqCz6So and, using that word vertically as the first letter for each line, I’ll write an acrostic poem. Today’s Angel (you’ve gotta laugh, a word that’s turned up in the titles of my posts more than most!) is Gratitude! Here goes…


G od knows I’m blessed

R eality checks remind me

A bundance is everywhere

T hanks is all I need offer

I n return

T aking my time to relax and receive

U ndoing my fears of unworthiness

D ivine gifts flow

E ver more freely


Any of you want to have a go at an acrostic on Gratitude? The comments section is waiting:-)