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I’d been writing all morning, and it was time for some movement and fresh air. I headed out for a walk to the river, my happy knee high companion at my side..

Pepper, our new dog, who has only been with us a week, has gotten me out into nature at all times of day in whatever the weather. Already new paths and lanes and fields right there on my doorstep have newly made themselves known to me, despite my having lived here for early a year.

Same but different. The sky, the road, the air. Same but different. Yesterday it was icy on the road. When we headed off at 7am, the farmer was out with his spade, spreading a little grit the old fashioned way. After greeting him we continued our walk. Father sky was going through his morning routine of choosing what to wear; pink? Orange? Light purple? I watched as he displayed his entire wardrobe to the lowing cattle who were just waking up in the big barn nearby. A small herd of deer caught my eye. They were running and jumping through the next field along, full of the joys of…morning? Soon to be Spring? Life in general? I stood and watched until the last white fluffy tail turned its back on me and bounced off into the distance.

We’d been on our way up the hill, and as we turned for home and headed down again we faced the river valley, and the snakes of mist writhing and dancing amongst the tips of the evergreens.

But back to that day, when I’d set out for a walk after a morning full of indoorness and sitting, I was struck by an ache, an ancient connection that touched me to the core as I heard myself say out loud, ‘Hello Sun. Hello Earth.’ I took a deep breath to settle the emotion and laughed because I then had to say, ‘Hello Air!’ We then rushed to the river, Pepper and I, to say our hello to water, admiring the heavily dew bejeweled bare branches of the trees we passed, that sparkled and shone as they reflected the sun.

It’s so easy for me to make my mind my master, to take my thoughts and fears and dreams and judgements seriously, solidly, mistakenly believing them to be all that I am. But they are not. I am elemental. I am made of earth, air, fire and water, just like everything around me. One day these simple elements will reclaim me and divide me again into their component parts, so that that which they have held in this body can be released and return home once more from wherever she came.